Kapil Dev – Led Panel is Given Allowance From CoA to Pick Next India Coach


The committee of administrators (COA) appointed by the highest authority of India that is supreme court on Monday cleared the members of cricket advisory committee (CAC)of any conflict and now the CAC is can choose the next Indian head coach. The CAC has there members as of now and these members are Kapil Dev, Anshuman Gaekwad, and Shantha Rangaswamy. The members of CAC got the clean chit after they had their declarations in front of COA, led by Vinod Rai.

Vinod Rai stated that ‘We have seen, it is fine. The meetings with the shortlisted candidates will happen in mid-August and the appointment will follow after that. CAC’s decision with regards to appointment will be final.’ Kapil Dev, Anshuman, and Shantha have been newly appointed as the members of CAC by COA and were asked by the CEO of BCCI Rahul Johari to present their individual declarations regarding the conflict.


Vinod Rai stated that he is totally satisfied and has no problem with the declarations submitted by CAC members and now the team will look forward to finding the new coach of the Indian team after they receive the shortlist for the concerned designation from BCCI.

It is evident that the formation of CAC was done only to choose the next coach of the Indian team and this also includes the present coach Ravi Shastri along with his support staff. Rahul Johari is also said to have sent CAC a mail regarding no conflict clearance.

A deep insight into the whole situation

Vinod Rai also stated “We will be going to consult with the amicus curiae (PS Narasimha). 26 states can have their elections and four more are fully compliant but yet to appoint the electoral officer. Obviously, those who will be compliant will only be allowed to vote in BCCI elections.” Details of compliant state and it’s electoral officers are said to be uploaded soon on the BCCI website informed by COA.

Rai was asked whether he was informed about the meeting is the states and he said that he had no idea regarding the same. The decisions taken by CAC over the ‘no conflict’ matter was not a United decision and has been criticized by many. COA member and former women’s cricket captain Diana Edulji had shown her disagreement over the issue.

Earlier the issue was totally different and the COA members only wanted an Ethics officer just to ensure the validity of the appointment and not pass judgment over the matter but the former women’s cricket captain wanted it to be adjudicated.

In addition to this matter, the ‘no conflict’ issue has also been forwarded by referring it to the Ethics Officer. Clearly, the matter isn’t as simple as it seems from the above layer but the officials are trying their best to sort things out and results are also visible in the form of the clearance of CAC.

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