Pranab Mukharjee, the Former President, Being Awarded by Bharat Ratna


In between all the hustle and bustle going on in Kashmir valley there is a news which might have not grabbed the eyeballs many but surely is worth knowing that is the award ceremony that took place in Rashtrapati Bhawan to award former president Pranab Mukharjee the highest civilian award the Bharat Ratna.

Prime minster Narendra Modi said that it is a moment of honor that Pranab Mukharjee is being paid of all the efforts he put as his contribution to the development of the nation.

PM Narendra Modi expressed this via his tweets stating that “Dear Pranab Mukherjee, It was an honor to witness you receiving the Bharat Ratna, a fitting recognition of everything that you have done for the nation. Thank you for leaving no stone unturned towards making India more developed.”

Narendra Modi Pranab Mukharjee
Narendra Modi and Pranab Mukharjee

On Thursday, Pranab Mukharjee shared his views about how he felt honored by knowing about the award ceremony and also thanked people of the nation which according to him made this possible.

The whole Bhartiya Janta Party felt happy about the event and this could be seen easily as all the big political personalities of BJP like prime minister Narendra Modi, defense minister Rajnath Singh, Union home minister Amit Shah others were present at the moment. All seemed quite happy during the whole event.

On the other hand, as far as Congress party’s involvement is concerned it was a bit skeptical. Major faces of Congress party like Sonia Gandhi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi were not present there even after the fact that he was invited by Rashtrapatiji for the event ceremony. The reason why Rahul Gandhi was not present there is still unknown but according to the sources it’s purely political why he didn’t attend the event.

Other Congress leaders like Shashi Tharoor, Sushmita Dev, RPN Singh, Janardan Dwivedi, Bhupendra Singh Hooda were present at the award ceremony. And apart from Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, former prime minister Manmohan Singh was also not present at the event.

Pranab Mukharjee on Receiving Bharat Ratna:

“My heartfelt gratitude to Rashtrapatiji and the people of our nation for bestowing the Bharat Ratna on me. This honor is more for the people of our country from whom I have received much more than I have been able to give.” Former president Pranab Mukharjee tweeted. He stated in one more tweet, “The Bharat Ratna for me is also indeed an acknowledgment of the millions who strive every day to make Bharat- the diverse, plural, a compassionate and inclusive idea that it is.”

Moreover, the other big faces apart from prime minister Narendra Modi that showed their appearance in the ceremony were vice president Venkaiah Naidu in front of which Pranab Mukharjee received the award from his successor, President Ram Nath Kovind.

Pranab Mukharjee without any doubt is a deserving person for the highest civilian award and that is why the event was able to grab the attention and affection of people from the entire nation.

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