Flood Situation in North India: Facing Heavy Rain & Damage


Parts of northern India facing heavy rain, situations of the flood. Rain these days is on its full potential and this can be seen in many parts of India after many people were killed and many people were forced to leave their home due to excess water caused by rain in western and southern parts of the country earlier this month.

Now, this terror of heavy rain and flood has made its presence in the northern part of the country as well. Many states have faced heavy rainfall and some have faced destructive floods some of these affected states are Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Punjab.

The situation in these States:

The state of Himachal Pradesh on Sunday received record rainfall on Sunday due to which at least 24 people lost their lives according to an official government report. River Yamuna has reached the danger level mark due to which in states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, and Delhi flood alert had to implement. The national highway that connects Kullu and Manali had been damaged due to very heavy rainfall in the area.

Floods in North India
Floods in North India

The state of Uttarakhand faced a cloudburst due to which more than 3 people lost their lives and more than 20 are reported to be missing. States which don’t experience heavy rain are also facing a situation of heavy rain and that includes the area of Rajasthan that recorded a whopping highest 14 and 8 inches of rain on Saturday in Nagpur and Parbastar, similarity area of Jodhpur, Ajmer, and Bikaner also faced very heavy rainfall.

A shocking report revealed the fact that out of 810 dams 210 dams are overflowing due to heavy rain which is a serious issue. This heavy rainfall did not even leave the area of Punjab and made its presence on a large scale. Heavy rain in Punjab affected the area so much so that the Indian air force and Indian army had to take part in the rescue operation.

The Army, NDRF and Indian air force carried out rescue operations in parts of Haryana and Punjab due to the heavy rain which damaged hundreds of acres of crops and did put many lives at risk.

Chief minister Amrinder Singh reviewed the whole situation and declared it a natural calamity. This declaration was made after a meeting held after the chief minister’s visit to the affected areas. Reports said that about 1,000 people were made to leave their home and out of these 700 people were rescued from Rupnagar district of Punjab.

The officials reviewing the Bhakra Nangal Dam had to order to release the excess water of the dam through spillway gates after the dam crossed the danger mark or more appropriately said, its permissible limit of 1,680 feet on Monday.

This order of removing the excess water was given in order to bring the water level of the dam in control. The water level is supposed to come to the mark of 1,680 feet in 3-4 days as said by an official of Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB).

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