Amit Mitra: In GDP growth, West Bengal Leads India


Amit Mitra, the finance minister of West Bengal hits the central government after the report of the lowest gross domestic product came out. With the support of recent data released by the government of India (GoI) that basically showed the growth in the terms of economy of the nation, Amit Mitra directly targeted the Bhartiya Janta Party led by prime minister Narendra Modi and stated that the BJP government “failing to maintain steady growth in India”.

Amit Mitra
Amit Mitra

In his elaborated statement Amit Mitra said, “A deep recession has knocked at the doors of the Indian economy. The GDP growth is lowest in the past five years. This means that the common man is under tremendous stress. Unemployment is highest in the past 45 years. Also, there are no job opportunities in the country, especially for the next generation. According to the government data, in June 2019, Industrial growth is a mere 2% as compared to seven percent in last year.”

Expressing his concerns for the business class of the nation Amit Mitra said that the economy is getting worst day by day due to which the businessmen are leaving the country and becoming NRIs (non-resident Indian) and that the fear of drowning economy has been a constant thought for them.

Amit Mitra voiced the concerns of several big business personalities saying, “They are harassing the corporate. They are arresting those who cannot spend 2 % of CSR. You may speak to them; they have now started speaking up about the threats. The industrialists are in fear. India is going through a deep recession and the highest unemployment in 45 years. From 2014 to 2019, it is in decline. I want an answer. The government is paralyzed and is threatening the industrialists to get them arrested.”

With the recently released data it has been evident that the auto sector is struggling to maintain even it’s basic infrastructure and a huge number of people associated with the sector are in a fear of losing their jobs. This is something which needs a serious thought by the government.

An insight into the economy of West Bengal

Mitra shared the data by the ministry of statistics and program implementation, he showed that how even after facing a recession in the initial stage West Bengal’s economy is growing constantly with a GDP growth of 12.58 % in the first quarter of the financial year and this list if followed by Andhra Pradesh at 11.02 % and Bihar at 10.53 %.

Amit Mitra gave the overall credit to the policies introduced by Mamta Banerjee’s government saying that these policies are the base why West Bengal is growing with a healthy economy.

Amit shared his thoughts about how constant hard work by Mamta Banerjee in almost every field made this entire thing possible. Some areas where Mamta Banerjee really showed work worth appreciation is the revolution in villages and their education.

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