Oviya attempts Suicide inside Bigg Boss House after Love Breakup?


Bigg Boss Oviya Suicide: Actress Oviya got a huge number of fans after her contestant entry in the Bigg Boss show. Today, Oviya attempted suicide after her breakup with another contestant Arav. As per the source, Oviya fall in one side love with Arav and since he rejected her love she attempted suicide by diving into the Bigg Boss house swimming pool.

UPDATE: It looks like Oviya got eliminated from the Bigg Boss house after her suicide attempt as it is against Bigg Boss show rules. All the people cornered her after Bharani’s elimination and she felt alone for many days. To get a company she falls in love with Arav and things went wrong from the moment. Things will be cleared in tomorrow’s episode in which Kamal speaks with every contestant about this to clarify what happened inside.

Actor Ganesh and Sneghan saved her life and Gayathri gave her a brief advice and made her cool again. Since Oviya is very sensitive, she cannot tolerate Arav rejecting her love. It looks like the couple falls in love with each other from the beginning of the Bigg Boss Tamil show. But later, Arav rejected Oviya’s love by saying he was just her friend and not interested in any love.

Bigg Boss Oviya Suicide attempt

But Netizens are not happy with the episode, according to them this is an episode to get every people attention like Julie’s stomach pain episode some weeks ago. What’s your confession on today’s Bigg Boss episode?

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