Week 6 Bigg Boss Vote Results Announced, the result will Shock You


Bigg Boss Vote & Eviction: Bigg Boss Tamil is bringing new issues in the society every day and disturbing people day-to-day life. But still people can’t refuse it and they finally became addicted to the Big Boss. This week Bigg Boss vote casting was finished by Friday 12 PM and without any confusions, Oviya is the one who will get the number of votes. Cover365 conducted a private Bigg Boss vote poll in which Oviya Helen won huge support from the people and Vaiyapuri sir in the second place.

Update on Week 6 Official elimination: In today’s yesterday’s episode, Oviya got eliminated from the Bigg Boss house due to health issues. In today’s episode, Julie will get eliminated from the show as she got less number of votes than Oviya and Vaiyapuri. Check full details on Bigg Boss elimination.

It is expected Julie will be out this week from the Bigg Boss house, but things became different after today’s Bigg Boss episode. The result was ridiculous and no one ever expected the result and Oviya fans and army were quite upset after seeing the 4th August Bigg Boss Episode.

In today’s Bigg Boss Episode, Oviya attempted suicide after her love breakup with Arav. She is on the elimination list for this week for the 5th consecutive time. But people love her real character and voting for her every time. But after this episode, Oviya Army and all her fans want her to leave the show.

Eliminate Julie from Bigg Boss

She got saved by Ganesh and Sneghan after her suicide attempt today. Now officials confirmed that She is already¬†out from the Bigg Boss house after her suicide attempt. But part of people is still in the confusion as she is just taken out to visit a doctor. This doesn’t look true as if she is injured, first has to be given and Doctor has to be called to Bigg Boss house itself.

Oviya was taken to hospital after her suicide attempt due to her breakup with Arav. Bigg Boss is getting criticized all over the social media networks.

It looks like Oviya got eliminated from the Bigg Boss after her violation of house rules. Netizens started criticizing the show as well as Kamal sir for supporting Gayathri some weeks ago who dragged Oviya into some troubles. Oviya army and Bigg Boss fans created a hashtag #NoOviyaNoBiggBoss and trending it virally all over the India. If Oviya’s elimination is confirmed, most of the people will stop watching Bigg Boss for sure.

Bigg Boss Vote Result

In the private Bigg Boss voting poll we conducted, Oviya got a huge number of votes. She was leading in front by Vaiyapuri and Julie. Oviya Helen got support from almost 77% people. More than 18,000 people participated in the online poll to vote their favorite contestant in the Bigg Boss and save them from the eviction.

Here is the Official Cover365 Bigg Boss Vote poll,

[polldaddy poll=9801269]

Click on the ‘View Result’ to see which contestant got how many votes in total. Next to Oviya, Vaiyapuri got 19% votes and Julie just got 3.5% of the vote. So it is confirmed Julie is the one who will get eliminated from the house this week officially. But we need to wait for a day to confirm as things gone really wrong in yesterday’s episode.

Will Oviya be Eliminated from the Bigg Boss?

As per the Bigg Boss House rules, Suicide attempts are against and the contestant who involves in such offense will be eliminated from the house. Since Oviya tried suicide attempt in today’s episode, it is expected that she will be eliminated this week. More updates on Bigg Boss elimination will be revealed tomorrow (Saturday’s episode).

Bigg Boss Vote and Elimination

Bigg Boss Eliminations Results

  • Week 1 – Anuya got eliminated, Shri got eliminated due to illness
  • Week 2 – Ganja Karuppu got eliminated, Bharani eliminated due to violations of house rules
  • Week 3 – Harthi got eliminated from the house.
  • Week 4 – Namitha got eliminated from the house.
  • Week 5 – No eviction as 2 people went out for first 2 weeks.
  • Week 6 – Oviya to be eliminated from the house as she violated the house rules.

UPDATE: According to the latest update, the picture that is getting shared virally is not from Bigg Boss. It was Oviya’s old picture. Update from our source says, Police commissioner contacted Bigg Boss and they are dealing this issue now. Oviya is safe inside Bigg Boss house and she won’t be eliminated as per the latest update.

But after the suicide attempt, Oviya said that she didn’t attempt suicide and fooled all the house mates. Bigg Boss thought Oviya would like to get out from the house. He called Gayathri and said Oviya will be sent out of Bigg Boss in 30 minutes. So the next day episode will be telecasted today in which Bigg Boss will talk with Oviya to understand what she needs.

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