Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 – Overview, Winner & Result


Bigg Boss Grand Finale Result: There are so many popular TV shows in India, but Bigg Boss Tamil, the only show which got viral hit within a short period of time. Bigg Boss Tamil started season one in June 2017, and it becomes the talk of the city every day as a different set of people (contestants) with different attitudes clash each other. Here are complete details on Bigg Boss vote method and eviction updates you can follow every week.

The show will teach us so many things from love and hate, good and bad, backstabs and some other things which we face in our daily life. Coming to the nomination process, each week all the contestants can nominate 2 contestants for the elimination. People can cast Bigg Boss vote online and by giving missed call to their favorite contestant number.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Result & Winner Confirmed

Bigg Boss Tamil winner finally confirmed today in the Grand Finale. Arav was elected as the Bigg Boss winner. It is officially confirmed by the close source. Check out more details about Bigg Boss Result and stay tuned for prize details. Snehan ended as a Bigg Boss runner.

Bigg Boss Vote Finals (Online Voting)

Bigg Boss week 13 nominations are Harish, Bindhu Madhavi, Suja, Ganesh, and Arav. People can cast their vote till Friday 12 AM.

Bigg Boss Vote

Bigg Boss Tamil Final Voting [Private Online Voting Poll]

This is a private unofficial Week 14 Bigg Boss Finals elimination poll conducted by the Cover365 team. The same result will be mostly replicated on the Bigg Boss Official poll result. Share this post to open Bigg Boss private voting poll and see the result of this week’s eviction.

[polldaddy poll=9838049]

Note: This is an unofficial voting poll for Bigg Boss Tamil Vote by Cover365 team. This is just to predict the result before Sunday as people can’t wait to know who will get eliminated this week. At a very rare case, result predictions may go wrong. We request users to poll your votes once a day.

Bigg boss vote

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting – 2 Ways

Bigg Boss Tamil voting can be done in 2 ways,

  1. Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online
  2. Bigg Boss Tamil Vote by Missed Call

How to Vote Bigg Boss Tamil Online

Bigg Boss online voting can be cast by the following steps,

  • Visit Web site.
  • Search “Bigg Boss Vote” or “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote” in Google Or Click here.
  • The list of nominees will be displayed in the search result.
  • Select your favorite contestant and a select number of votes you like to cast.
  • You can select multiple contestants, but the voting limit is 50 per day.

Remember, to cast your Bigg Boss Tamil vote, users need to login to their and user can cast only 50 votes per day. People can cast their Bigg Boss vote till every Friday 12 PM. The Bigg Boss elimination result will be announced on Saturday.

Video – Watch How to Vote for Bigg Boss Online

Here is a quick video on How to Cast your Bigg Boss Tamil Vote online,

How to Vote Bigg Boss Tamil by Missed Call

Here are the Bigg Boss voting missed call numbers for all the contestants inside the house,

ContestantMissed Call Number

Bigg Boss Vote Percentage, Status, Predictions & Result

According to our predictions, Arav will get eliminated this week. We will confirm our Bigg Boss vote predictions based on the voting percentage this Saturday.

Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants

The following celebrities are the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 contestants,

  • Aarav – In-House (Finals)
  • Anuya – Eliminated (Week 1)
  • Shree – Left (Week 1)
  • Oviya – Left (Week 6)
  • Bharani – Eliminated (Week 2)
  • Ganja Kuruppu – Eliminated (Week 2)
  • Ganesh – In-House (Nominated for Week 13)
  • Harathi Ganesh – Eliminated (Week 3)
  • Vaiyyapuri – Eliminated (Week 12)
  • Snehan – In-House (Gold Card Winner – Finals)
  • Juliana – Eliminated (Week 6)
  • Shakthi – Eliminated (Week 7)
  • Raiza – Eliminated (Week 9)
  • Namitha – Eliminated (Week 4)
  • Gayathri – Eliminated (Week 8)
  • Bindhu – Eliminated (Finals Mid-Week)
  • Suja Varunee – Eliminated (Week 13)
  • Harish Kalyan – In-House (Finals)
  • Kaajal Pasupathi – Eliminated (Week 10)

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote & Elimination Results (Eviction)

Bigg Boss Vote (Tamil), weekly elimination and eviction updates,

Week 1 (Anuya & Shree): In the week 1 eviction, Anuya got a minimum number of votes and eliminated from the house. Shree was physically not well and he left the house voluntarily.

Week 2 (Ganja Karuppu & Bharani): In the week 2 eviction, Ganja Karuppu got eliminated from the house as he got a minimum number of Bigg boss votes. Bharani was eliminated from the house as he violated the house rules.

Week 3 (Harthi Ganesh): In the week 3 eviction, Harthi Ganesh got eliminated from the house. Due to her harsh behavior inside the house, she got a bad name in public and lost most people support.

Week 4 (Namitha): Namitha got evicted from the house after the end of week 4. She had a bad opinion on Bharani and lost so many votes as people know how good Bharani is.

Week 5 (NO EVICTION): Due to so many issues and dramas inside the house, there was no eviction on week 5. A wildcard entry has been introduced on this week.

Week 6 (Juliana): In the week 6 Bigg Boss Tamil elimination, Juliana got eliminated from the house. She was nominated with Oviya and Vaiyapuri. Sadly Oviya left the house due to some mental issues even though she got a huge number of Bigg Boss vote.

Week 7 (Sakthi): Gayathri is about to get eliminated from the house. But Bigg Boss saved her on the last day of voting and Sakthi got second least number of Bigg Boss votes and got eliminated from the Bigg Boss Week 7 Eviction.

Week 8 (Gayathri): Finally Gayathri Raghuram got eliminated from the house. She was nominated with Raiza Wilson and got the least amount of Bigg Boss vote.

Week 9 (Raiza): Bigg Boss vote status was confirmed on Friday and Raiza got eliminated this Saturday. Snehan and Vaiyyapuri got a number of votes than Raiza.

Week 10 (Kaajal): Kaajal got evicted from the house as a result of Bigg Boss week 10 elimination.

Week 11 (Suja): Suja Varunee got eliminated after Bigg Boss week 11 eviction. Since she asked for a chance, it is expected that she will get another chance as a guest entry inside the house in the upcoming days.

Week 12 (Vaiyyapuri): After the week 12 eviction, Vaiyyapuri got eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. He felt uncomfortable since the very first day in the house and after spending more than 12 weeks, he got eliminated.

Week 13 (Suja): After the week 13 elimination, Suja Varunee got evicted from the house. She was already eliminated in week 11, but Bigg Boss gave her another chance in which she was eliminated by the fans again.

Week 14 (Bindhu): Bindhu, one of the finalists of Bigg Boss season 1 got eliminated from the house after getting the least amount of vote in Bigg Boss finals mid-week eviction. She was nominated with other final contestants Harish, Snehan, Arav, and Ganesh.

Bigg Boss Tamil Winner: The 4 contestants inside the house are Snehan, Arav, Ganesh and Harish Kalyan. So far Snehan and Arav are competing for each other to win the Bigg Boss Tamil title. The winner will be decided in tonight’s Bigg Boss Grand Finale episode which will be telecasted on Star Vijay TV Channel at 8:00 PM.

Bigg Boss Tamil Wildcard Entries

Earlier, Bindhu Madhavi was entered as a wild card entry contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil. People want Oviya back in the house as a wild card contestant as she was not evicted from the house by the people. Vijay TV close sources claims, Bharani will get back to the house as a wild card entry this week and it will be his turning point in his career.

After Bindhu, Harish Kalyan, Suja Varnuee, and Kaajal Pasupathi gave entry to the Bigg Boss house last week as a new wild card contestants. Tasks nowadays are pretty harder for the in-house contestants to perform. So some contestants might leave the house due to some stress.

Every week Bigg Boss vote and results will be updated on this page. Stay tuned for complete details and updates.

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