Bigg Boss Vote: Last Few Hours to Vote for Snehan, Vaiyyapuri & Raiza


Bigg Boss Vote Result: Bigg Boss is taking TV shows to another level without any doubt. In this week eviction, Snehan, Vaiyyapuri, and Raiza are nominated. The people can cast their vote for Bigg Boss Tamil till Friday night 12’o clock. With the new contestants Harish Kalyan, Sija Varnuee, Kaajal Pasupathi entries, Bigg Boss Tamil became too interesting these days.

As per our unofficial Bigg Boss Tamil private poll, Snehan and Vaiyyapuri will be saved from this week’s eviction as they got a good number of votes and supports from the fans. Raiza got the least number of votes and she will be eliminated from the Bigg Boss house this week as per our result.

Bigg Boss Vote result

If you are yet to cast your Bigg Boss vote, login to and search for “Bigg Boss vote”. Select your favorite contestant and the number of votes. One can cast 50 votes per day from one account.

For result and eviction updates, check Bigg Boss Tamil news here.

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