Will Oviya gets Eliminated after today’s Bigg Boss Episode?


Bigg Boss Tamil is increasing heart beats day by day with interesting twists and clash between the contestants. In today’s episode, the other side of Oviya has been shown which made the fans to think she acted inside the house these days. In the 1st August episode, Oviya had some big arguments and not actively participated in the tasks.

In fact, she involved in the word exchanges with the other contestants. On seeing this episode, many Oviya fans in the social network were lost their mind and some said they are no more in the Oviya Army. Some people openly said Oviya is the one to be eliminated from the house after watching today’s episode. Click Here to vote for Bigg Boss private poll.

Bigg Boss Tamil Oviya

It has been clearly showed that Oviya has cornered again today. Did you watch the episode tonight? What do you think about Oviya’s act? Will she get the least number of votes and gets eliminated from the Bigg Boss House?

Read about Bigg Boss Vote and elimination.

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  1. Arav feel Oviya will get eliminated this week becoz of Julie incident and so suddenly changing his behavior towards her..
    Julie as expected took that chance and treated Oviya as her slave (not bothering other three persons) and Oviya aptly react..
    the other constants – use to act as lovers, scoring dance for lovers, writing lyrics for love songs, even bull lovers; but once they coming across a love how vividly they are behaving.. Riza saying Oviya told her lover name in the media; but peeping what Oviya doing with Arav..

    but today hero is Vyapuri – for he frankly telling Arav that he is wrong to behave with a girl and trying to pacify Oviya.. really Vyapuri and Snehan should be praised atleast they bringing some feel good factor in Big Boss.. good job..

    “Dont come into my life again..” – please vote Oviya..

  2. Past weeks oviya character and smiling very clear thoughts were nice but this week she is mently disturb plz slove the problem sir

  3. Save For oviya.pavam oviya avala save panunga Vera yaravenalu veliya anupunga plsss..nala sister so avangatha ithula jeyukanum. Mathavangala selfish. Plsss

  4. Bigg Boss is Good. But Dear Mr. Kamal Sir Pls inform Gay3 not to use unwanted words like “HAIR” “HAIRA PANNUVA”, MOOJI MOGARAKATTAI. ECHAI. Raiza was angry that Oviya had let others know her affairs name. But we did not heard that while it was relayed on air. Every day Gay3 did not forget to utter those words in the middle of the show. SO VIEWERS DO NOT LET DOWN OVIYA for the seeing the yesterday episode and day before episode. OVIYA should be the winner.

  5. Kamal Sir oviya ah save pannuga becz aarav dog avangala ta double game pandraan so oviya ku evlo votes vanthu irruku nu solluga appa taan bigg boss vitula ulla members ku thariyum oviya evlo periya fans vaithu irrukanganu. Gayathri yean thavaillama oviya ta Fight ku pooranu kettu solluga kamal Sir ava romba over ah poora sir. Enga yellarukum neega taan nalla positive aana answer pannanum pls. Aarav dog ta keluga yean oviya ippadi mental problems kudukura?? 1st ta oviya pidikalanu solla vendiyathu taan ippo yean avala namba vaithu kalutha aarukuranu keluga pls

  6. Oviya’s behaviour is absolutely normal,it is not fake.Her love is true.She was sooo much disappointed and distrubed.It is Oviya ‘s out burst,it is understandable.Nothing in d world is greater dan love,right??My vote for oviya.

  7. We r losing interest to watch one person continuously being cornered and mentally harassed by all other members. If Oviya gets eliminated no one will watch the show because nobody is interested in witnessing Gayathri gang’s backbiting drama!

  8. Vijay TV is no 1 fraud channel. Money minded, cheeters, kamal Sir plz save oviya and clear the oviya’s problem. She get mental torture. Plz save oviya. Aaruv ur a fraud and cheeter. SAVE OVIYA

  9. If oviya comes out its waste to see big boss so most of them won’t see the show And i requested kamal sir to say the votes that how they get

  10. enaku big boss pakave pidikala na sariya pakurathaiye vituta because i love oviya but oviya ah va venumne thappa katrangalonu feel aguthu. so am not watching again big boss

  11. pls kamal sir InthA week oviya ku evlo vote nu plsssssssssssssssssss solunga apo than ellathukum purium pls kamal sir ta itha request pani elame kelunga audiunce pls kamal sir ta ellam kelunga InthA time biggboss la evlo Peoples vote pananga athula evlo peoples oviya ku vote pananga nu kamal sir sola soli kelunga elame ketta kamal sir panuvaru kamal sir pls InthA week fulla engalaum kadupu yethura pola iruku pls oviya voda power ah soli baby ah cool panunga apo than nangalam happy

  12. Oviya’s behaviour is horrible..zero maturity…disturbing aarav too much.if a boy behaves like this to a girl will we accept

  13. My support to oviya and Many people are support for oviya ..I am thinking biggboss want to eliminate oviyo..so only biggboss given task like this to eliminate oviyo..oviya will not eliminate..oviya is the winner.

  14. oviya will not be eliminated… she’s totally frustrated it is not her mistake at all… my support is always for oviya…

  15. Good GOD. I just saw all the messages about Oviya. I am voting her as well, but to see the strong belief people have in her is amazing. She is the winner of BIG BOSS with or without the title. Go OVIYA

  16. if ovia gets eliminated .. no one will not watch bigg boss.. show the real face of ovia.. its my pleasure request bigg boss…

  17. big boss ethuk mela oviyava kaya patuthathenga…unga TRBkaka oru ponnoda athum nalla ponnota lifea palakirathenga…juliya veliya anupunga…ella theriyamatha kekren juli ena avlo nalavala avala big bossa therntheduthu avaluku carbed virika oviyathan ketachala…raiza,gayathri evaluku support panna pavam oviyaku support panrathu yaru..makkal nangathana engala antha v2kula vitunga…

    • same my feel oviya pavum oviya life patri konjam kooda yosikama biggboss ipdi panathinga oviya patri Arav ku understand agura pola shortflime pesunga

  18. with out oviya we don’t want bigboss. ..antha ponna yellarum sernthu ippadi pannitengalae. ….plz bigboss don’t play with oviya’s life. ……don’t make decisions without people’s opinion. ..this will result loss for bigboss only. ….plz makkalae oviya eliminate anna bigbossss pakka vendam. ……unmai jeykkanum

  19. I love oviyaa.b’coz she is very sensitive. Oru mother illamal anbuku yeanguraa ponna ippathaan t.v na pakurean.so plzzzzzz makkaley ava thaappana ponnu illai.oru aruthal theduraa that’s all.so plzzz vote oviyaa.

  20. My vote oviya…….. pls kamal sir nenga oviyaku yevlo vote’nu intha time yellar munadium sollunga…… apparam therium oviya yarnu antha jooli,gaya3,aarav,sakthi,APM antha size’ah sry sry raisa ivangaluku apparam therium yellarum oviyaku yepdi support panaranganu…….. i love oviya……….

  21. Snehan, Sakthi, Gayathri and Julie – Playing against Oviya.. So that only she is nominated every week…

  22. I have a opinion about arav… I like both oviya and arav.. arav is not playing any game with oviya he may be having some personal issues outside big boss house he can not tell few things in front of cemara for not accepting oviya’s love so we can not imagine anything considering only big boss house when oviya was corned by every one arav was a big support to her so he has humanity that’s the reason he was friendly with oviya and not for the votes… if u think his friendship is because of votes its bad.. he got nominated because he supported oviya and he knows that he ll be noted that he mentions before nomination itself and he accepted it.. so guys don’t miss understand arav

  23. Oviya is nice girl she is not acting arav ku thottu peasurathu pudikala na starting la ipadi thottu peasatha nu sollirukalam Elam contestants um lovers nu sollum pothu illa oviya we are just good friends so don’t mind their words nu sollirukalam apo Elam siruchu peasitu ipo oviya thappana character nu solluran.oviya character is not bad.arav tha oviya unarvukaloda play panitan.my vote for oviya I love oviya ne ulla irukanum u want to win my dear

  24. The black sheep are Snehan, Gayathri, Sakthi, Riza. These are the ones who shows a normal speech or behaviour into negative/abnormal way. These people want to survive unable to win so these fox works. For them assistant are Julie, Arav, Ganesh

  25. Plzzzz ellarukum na oru visayam soldra oviya unmaya love pandra sooo athanala thaaa ava arav thottu pesura but neraya per oviyava thappa pesuringa avanga romba nalla ponnu avanga kettavala iruntha ellarayum thottu pesuvanga Julie Mari but avanga arav unmaya love pandranga athanala tha arav mattum thottu pesuranga but arav romba mosamana paiyan athu oviyaku theriyala but oviya kandipa purinjippa na onnu mattum soldra intha reason ku oviya bad nu mudivu pannathinga plzzzz epayum avaluku support pannunga plzzzzzzzzzzz ennoda uyire irukura varaikum na oviya ku thaaa support pannuva nengalum pannunga plzzzzzzzzzz

  26. Oviya samma character unmaiya erukkanumunnu nenaippa ethu varaikkum nadantha episode la oviya poie pesala yethukkunna ava character ella. Yesterday nadantha episode la oviya aravu va love panna. Eppo erukkura generation la namba Oru ponnukku advise pannalum Ava manasula love Varum same boys kku da Oru ponnu nambalukku support panna kuda love Varum athey maarithaa oviya kku aravu Mela vanthuchu thaavara oviya aravu va irritate pannala athu love thaa athu aravu kku yeppade erunthutho but oviya aravu true va love panna aravu kku naa onnu soldra aravu neenga sonnanga veleya thappa nenaippanga nnu unmaiya athu Ella oviya Oru kid nnu neenga thaa sonnenga but neengale avangala paththe thappa soldrathu engalukku pudekkuala oviya acting pannala oviya super character & unmaiya Yana ponnu it’s true I support oviya

  27. Bigg boss. 01.08.17 Oviya ku yen thappana task koduthu, bigg boss veetla bad girl ha kaattneenga?I Love Oviya andha ponnoda charactor starting la pakkumbothe therinjiduchi ava nadikkala, original charactor nu. 01.08.17 watching episode, we are all totaly abset .Andha veetla Rowdy gayathri & Rowdy sakthi, Kolmooti julie,aama podra raisa la nallavangala?.Gayathri team la ellarum before ha pesi vachittu oviya va nominate panranga? Oviya Aarav mattum dhan thanaku unmaiya support ha irukkura nnu nambi, ava advantage eduthukittal. but avan aarav avala namba vachi, avanum gayathri yoda sernthu kittu oviya va plan panni asinga paduthuran. i hate this task and then Neenga oviya eliminate pannal naangal bigg boss paarka maatom.

  28. My vote for Oviya plize do your task ma ni epadi erke apadi eru don’t change your attitude k and after you win and come darling.

  29. Of course Oviya has weakness in love. So Aarav utilized that opportunity.mundru muthevigal (Gay,julie,Raiza) veliyerinaalthaan Bigboss paarppom .

  30. My vote for oviya….. juli v2ku kilampa readya Iru………. ready….. steady…….. v2ku po juli………. i love oviya…….

  31. My vote for oviya….. juli v2ku kilampa readya irundhuka……… poi pesi nadikara juli yellam ulla iruka koodathu…….. oviya bigg boss title unaku than ma…. oviyava yepdi thappa kaamchalum avanga charecter yengaluku therium i love oviya…….

  32. no chance for oviya elimination, ava epakuda ava manasuku unmaya dhan erukura, adhu unmaya erukuravangaluku purium, edha thappa pakuravangalam enum mature agadhavanga nu artham, oviya panradhu sariya illa thappa nu pakadheenga,a adhu unmaya manasula erundhu panradha illa naddikradha nu parunga, appo purium unmai, oviya unmaya erukura, oviya dhan biggboss title winner agura thaguthi udaya ore aalu..,

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