Oviya nominated again for Week 6 Elimination in the Bigg Boss


Bigg Boss became the talk of the town and Vijay TV is already topping in the TRP competition with its competitors. For the past one month, Bigg Boss became the talk of the town and even many companies started to give offers in the name of Bigg Boss. Now, Bigg Boss week 6 elimination has been started and 3 contestants have been nominated again this time. As usual, Oviya is cornered again this week by the contestants. She got 7 votes to get nominated for this week elimination.

The voting process has been already started. The people can poll their Bigg Boss vote via Online official Bigg Boss poll as well as by giving missed call to their favorite contestant’s number.

Vote for Oviya

The other two contestants who got nominated this time are Juliana and Vaiyapuri. Since Julie got many negative comments in the Social media, it is expected she will be the one who will get a minimum number of votes this week and get eliminated from the Bigg Boss house.

Oviya has been getting nominated every week and day by day she is getting huge support from the Tamil Cinema fans due to her childish and really a good character. But still, the in-house contestants hate that and nominate her to avoid competition for them.

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