Oviya nominated again for Week 6 Elimination in the Bigg Boss


Bigg Boss became the talk of the town and Vijay TV is already topping in the TRP competition with its competitors. For the past one month, Bigg Boss became the talk of the town and even many companies started to give offers in the name of Bigg Boss. Now, Bigg Boss week 6 elimination has been started and 3 contestants have been nominated again this time. As usual, Oviya is cornered again this week by the contestants. She got 7 votes to get nominated for this week elimination.

The voting process has been already started. The people can poll their Bigg Boss vote via Online official Bigg Boss poll as well as by giving missed call to their favorite contestant’s number.

Vote for Oviya

The other two contestants who got nominated this time are Juliana and Vaiyapuri. Since Julie got many negative comments in the Social media, it is expected she will be the one who will get a minimum number of votes this week and get eliminated from the Bigg Boss house.

Oviya has been getting nominated every week and day by day she is getting huge support from the Tamil Cinema fans due to her childish and really a good character. But still, the in-house contestants hate that and nominate her to avoid competition for them.

Stay tuned for more updates on Bigg Boss Tamil votes and elimination updates.

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  1. Oviyava veliya anupa vijay tv plane panirukinganu news patham.nega oviyava veliya anupuna kandipa naga bigg boss paka matam.ang oviya ma2mtha unmaya irukaga.

    • Yes I support. In yesterday’s episode (03rd august 2017) she is very clear and openly told that Arav did not tell ILU. That truth is enough for people to understand how honest she is. I request people to chose only honest people like oviya. This shows how selfish is Arav. Please vote for OVIYA and a request you kamal sir to show to the housemate that OVIYA is honest in all aspects. Nobody unnecessarily hurt other housemate and love only OVIYA

  2. Guys they are playing drama mainly arrav the main aquest in this part specially this week he is playing a nice drama with our queen oviya so pls save oviya machi’s they planed to elliminate oviya but v always support oviya anything happens also dont bother about that……………….

  3. My family has 21 members. 13 of them are using two handsets. SO ALL OUR VOTES ARE FOR ONE AND ONLY ONE OVIYA AND GIVING SOME TO VAIYAPURI TO ELIMINATE FAKE JULIE

  4. Oviya is a real character in bigg boss she must be save my all votes for Oviya .she is very good person and straight forward

  5. If you want to save anybody else in bigg boss contestant. Please save only Oviya…. So my all the votes to Oviya only….

  6. My vote for Oviya & I support her . Dont be sad in the house Oviya, it feels really bad yaar. Am a fan from Srilanka

  7. Shakthi, Snehan, Gayathri 3 person mattum eppavum elimnation list la en varamatranga, avanga mattum entha remarkum illama thalaivara iruppanga, mathavanga ellarum avangalukkuku adipanira charactor polo viewersana engalukku thonuthu, so please bigg boss ellarum samama treat pannunga,pakra engalukku irritate ahguthu by simon

  8. Love na apdi dhan ya erukum, chuma nadikama, erukura feeeling ah apdiye veli katura OVIYA dhan real ah eruka nu artham, ava unmaya erukka, unmayana feeling ah veli paduthura, adhan unmai, love na apdi dhan erukum, rules lam folow pana mudiyadhu, adhan love, poga poga sari agum, mature agum podhum avaluke purium, edhulam silly nu, but epa erukura condition ku, love panumbodhu, ipdidhan erukum endha feeling, ava nadandhukura murai sariya thappa nu paka kudadhu eppa, adhu unamaya illa pooiya nu dhan pakanum, OVIYA veli paduthura feeling 100% unmai,manasula erundhu vara feeling, mathavangaluku unmaya nadandhukuradhu lam apuram, mudhla namaku naama unmaya nadandhukurama nu pakanum, adha OVIYA unmaya saiura, OVIYA manushana unmaya erukura, adhu real ah manushana erukra yelarukum purium, ungalukum purinja nengalaum manushan, ilana..?..,

  9. Please vote for Vaiyapuri and Oviya. If Vaiyapuri votes are not more, he will be eliminated.

    Please vote for Oviya and Vaiyapuri. we want Juliana to get less votes and be eliminated this week.

  10. ஓவியா சூப்பர் கடவுள் உங்க பக்கம் ஓவியா

    நீங்க ஒரு வீரமங்கை…..

  11. Oviya is good….. i love u so much,,,,, LBR BLACK KINGS is my gang always support for u my preety,, cutieee,,, babieee,, barbieee girl love u lot im also support for u

  12. Oviya we r inspiring ur character and cute expressions ur boldness self confidence and lots of things surviving odd one out is not a easy thing u made it keep rocking till the title u will win

  13. Saving oviya have so many reasons she’s open hearted,behave like kid And more and more I think don’t have space to explain abt her…..

  14. Hi Oviya, u are just simply super no words to say my vote always for you you will win we are there for you ever.

  15. My dr oviya unakaga tajmahal vangitara mudiyadhu but unaku vote panni bigboss house vangi tara mudiyum.i love oviyaaa????

    • Bigboss vote nu search panna oviya pic,vyapoori pic,nd oru moodevi pic varum,adhula oviya pic click panni vote 50 increase panni ok kudu

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