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After the huge success of Bigg Boss Hindi, now it has been started their show in Tamil, Telugu and other languages. Bigg Boss Tamil is nearing a month and every one of us is eagerly waiting to see today’s elimination as the show brings new controversies every new day. The people who nominated for this 4th week of Bigg Boss Tamil are Oviya, Namitha, and Ganesh Venkatraman. The elimination result will be out tonight, but here are our predictions based on these people characters in the past week and how people vote for Bigg Boss.

There is an unofficial Bigg Boss poll on this page, you can cast your vote for your favorite contestant to save them from the elimination. Check the result of the poll to see who will get eliminated today. The one with least votes will get eliminated every week. The result you see here will be replicated tonight on the Bigg boss official poll result because both the polls are voted by our people.

Final Update on Bigg Boss Elimination: After today’s episode, Namitha was shown in a yellow dress in tomorrow’s (upcoming) episode. A man captured an image of the eliminated celebrity today on the Bigg Boss stage and the image shows contestant wearing a yellow dress. This confirms Namitha will be out of Bigg Boss tomorrow. Check Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination here and Bigg Boss Vote, Oviya, and Ganesh Venkatraman will be there for the upcoming weeks of the Bigg Boss episodes.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Live News and Updates

UPDATE #SaveOviya: Actress Oviya is trending all over the internet and there were many campaigns in the Social networks with hashtags #SaveOviya. After analyzing more than 100+ social posts from various people, they tend to support Oviya because of her good attitude, brave act and being true to her without acting to anyone. So, without any doubts, Oviya will survive this elimination for sure. Ganesh stands next to the Oviya in getting supports as he never interfered or created any problems so far in Bigg Boss Tamil. So, it seems people vote for Ganesh Venkatraman in the Bigg Boss next to Oviya.

Update on Private Website Polling: A private website called Sccoptimes conducted a private poll regarding Bigg boss week 4 elimination. According to the result, Oviya got a huge amount of votes. So Oviya already got a huge fan base and she will win Bigg Boss Tamil title according to the source. Here is the Cover365 voting poll for Bigg Boss Tamil online.

After these people get nominated for the elimination last week, the true character of some contestants started revealing in the show. Especially, Namitha, who is just another Haarthi of the Bigg Boss Tamil show. Namitha acted like innocent so far, but after she got nominated she started targeting Oviya and cornering other people and blame them for getting more votes and escaping from the elimination.

Actor Vaiyapoori and Gayathri even targeted Ganesh Venkatraman, for example, Gayathri said to Sakthi that Ganesh is eating so much. This is nothing but targeting him, changing the mindset of people to vote against him. Even though Ganesh didn’t do anything great last week, still he will be survived as per our predictions at least with second maximum votes.

Earlier today, hashtags like #OviyaArmy, #Oviya4CM, #SaveOviya were trended virally and still trending on the Facebook and Twitter. This shows how popular and favorite contestant Oviya is.

Oviya, charming girl of Bigg Boss Tamil will definitely survive this elimination as she is the true gem so far in the home with a very good and true character. She knows that Julie is playing a double game against her and other people are cornering her to get eliminated from the house, but still, she is the one who gets more vote today from the people.

There was a big group name OviyaArmy is growing on the Social networks like Facebook and Twitter to support Oviya in the Bigg Boss. Interesting thing is, Oviya got nominated for the elimination previously along with Kanja Karuppu and Barani, but she got a huge number of votes and supports from her fans for her true attitude and character in the show.

Bigg Boss Vote oviya, Namitha, Ganesh
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Who will get eliminated in today’s Week 4 Bigg Boss Tamil? (Bigg Boss Nomination Winner)

Coming to the predictions, it is none other than Namitha who will get eliminated from the Bigg Boss House today. After analyzing this week whole episodes, her character becomes real worse day-by-day. In fact, we can say, her true character is exposing day by day inside the house targeting other people, being rude and adamant behaviors.

Without any doubt, she is the one who will get the least number of votes today compared to Oviya and Ganesh Venkat.

Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants Eliminations up to Week 4

Week 1: Shri & Anuya Bhagvath

After the first week, Shri left out the Bigg Boss house due to some illness. Mos of the contestants nominated Anuya in the first week and people vote count was very low and she got eliminated officially in the first week.

Week 2: Ganja Karuppu & Barani

In the second week, there were some big clashes between Ganja Karuppu and Barani inside the house. they both were nominated along with Oviya. every one expected Barani will be eliminated from the house. But people’s choice is different, they voted for Oviya and Barani and saved them. Finally, Ganja Karuppu was eliminated on week 2. After a day, Barani also got eliminated from the house for violating the house rules.

Week 3: Haarthi

In the third week, Haarthi was nominated with Julie and due to her ridiculous attitude, she got the minimum amount of votes from the people as well as eliminated from the house.

Week 4: Namitha (not announced officially)

Namitha, Oviya, and Ganesh are in the nomination list of week 4 elimination. According to the private polling vote result and Tamil people mindset, Oviya will get maximum votes today. Namitha will be the one who will get eliminated today. The result will be announced officially tonight by Kamalahassan sir.

How to vote Bigg Boss Tamil

People can vote to the Bigg Boss Tamil in two ways,

  1. Bigg Boss Online Vote
  2. Bigg Boss Missed Call Vote

If you are yet to register your vote for Bigg Boss Tamil and looking for “How to vote Bigg Boss Tamil“, just go to and search for “Bigg Boss Vote Tamil” and the list of contestants will be displayed. You have 50 votes per day to support your contestant. The audience can vote only till Friday 12 PM.

Alternatively, people can cast their vote by giving missed call. People can also give missed calls to cast your vote.

  • Vote for Oviya – 7210122310
  • Vote for Ganesh Venkatraman – 7210122304
  • Vote for Namitha – 7210122309

Stay tuned for more updates on Bigg Boss Tamil updates and elimination results.