Bigg Boss Vote – Week 12 Bigg Boss Tamil Nominations for the Eviction


Bigg Boss Tamil week 12 elimination process begins this Monday. The nominees of this week Bigg Boss eviction has been officially announced today at 10 PM. According to the show, this week nominated contestants are Arav, Snehan, Harish, and Vaiyyapuri. All these men contestants were playing safe games these days and this is the time to start eliminating one out of these four.

Even though if there are arguments like Bigg Boss is a scripted reality show, people didn’t stop watching the show as it gives new turning points every new day. In the week 11 elimination, Suja Varunee got eliminated by getting the least number of votes. She asked Kamal to allow her to stay inside the house.

To respect her wish, Bigg Boss team took her to a secret room inside the house and she monitors each and every contestant’s activity inside the house via a TV in that secret room. Arav got caught talking strange things about Suja which will be a big impact in this week eviction.

Bigg Boss Vote
Bigg Boss Vote

According to our predictions, Arav will get eliminated from the house this week. People can cast their Bigg Boss vote by visiting Google and searching “Bigg Boss Vote” or “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote”. Alternatively, check our Unofficial private poll here and cast your votes to get the results this Saturday.

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