Bigg Boss Week 6 Vote – Private vs Vijay TV Poll Results


Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online: Bigg Boss is becoming more interesting day by day. As we already know, the nominees of week 6 are Oviya Helen, Juliana, and Vaiyapuri. The people from all over the world are polling their Bigg Boss Tamil vote daily via the Online website and by giving missed call to their favorite contestant numbers.

Update on Bigg Boss Oviya Suicide: After 4th August episode, things went worse as Actress Oviya attempted for Suicide after her breakup with Arav. Since she violated the house rules, it looks like she is the one to be eliminated from the house this week. She has been taken to a Doctor today and it will be confirmed by tomorrow if she is allowed to continue her participation in the Bigg Boss Tamil show.

To find out who will be eliminated from the Bigg Boss house for week 6, we need to wait till this Sunday episode. To avoid the waiting situation, Cover365 created a Bigg Boss Vote poll in which you people can cast your Bigg Boss Tamil voting online and instantly click on the result button in the poll to see who is getting more votes.

Update: In today’s episode, again Oviya was cornered by other contestants as well as Arav. Still, Oviya is confident enough to deal them. Who will get eliminated this week do you think? Want to know this week Bigg Boss elimination result? Poll your vote and click on the result link below.

To cast your Bigg Boss vote, just scroll down and click on the Bigg Boss Tamil vote poll below and select your favorite contestant name and click on the vote button. The nominee with the least vote will get eliminated from the house every week. Fans can vote once per hour, and cast 2 votes per time to your 2 favorite contestants.

[polldaddy poll=9801269]

Bigg Boss Vote Online

Bigg Boss Vote Online

To Poll Bigg Boss Official Vote Online, visit and Search for Bigg Boss vote. You have 50 votes to cast per day with your Gmail account. Read more about Bigg Boss Vote, Elimination

  1. Visit from your browser.
  2. Login to your Gmail and search for ‘Bigg Boss Vote’ on Google.
  3. Sponsored ad from the Bigg Boss Tamil will be displayed.
  4. You have 50 votes to cast per day.
  5. Select your favorite contestant and enter the amount of vote.

For example, Select 40 votes for Oviya and 10 votes for Vaiyapuri.

Alternatively, people can cast their Bigg Boss votes by giving missed calls to their favorite contestant’s numbers. Here are the numbers of Oviya, Julia, and Vaiyapuri.

  • Oviya Missed Call Number -7210122310
  • Juliana Missed Call Number -7210122308
  • Vaiyapuri Missed Call Number -7210122314

Bigg Boss Tamil Eliminations till Week 5

Week 1: Anuya got eliminated by getting a minumum number of votes.  Shri out of Bigg Boss Hosue due to illness.

Week 2: Ganja Karuppu got eliminated from the house. Bharani violated the house rules and got eliminated.

Week 3: Harthi got eliminated from the house by getting a minimum number of votes.

Week 4: Namitha got eliminated from the house.

Week 5: No eviction as 4 contestants got eliminated from the first 2 weeks.

Week 6: Oviya, Julie, and Vaiyapuri got nominated for the elimination. This is the 5th consecutive time Oviya is getting nominated for the elimination.

Stay tuned for more updates on Bigg Boss Tamil episodes online voting and eliminations.