ICHR to Run Pilot Project – Ram Sethu is Natural or Man-Made

ICHR Project: The Indian Council of Historical Research is ready to run the pilot project to explore whether the Ram Sethu origin is natural or man-made. ICHR will train 20 scholars for this study...
UP election - PM Modi

UP Elections 2017 – Modi in Varanasi

UP Elections 2017 - Modi in Varanasi Prime Minister Modi started his election campaign for BJP in Varanasi from temple. He does aarathi at Kaasi Vishwanath temple and offers prayer at kaal Bhairav Temple. Since PM Modi won...
Coke pepsi ban in Tamilnadu

Coke Pepsi ban in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Trade Association members conducted a protest against foreign beverages and they participated in it. Coke and Pepsi banned in Tamil Nadu from 1st March 2017. Since the youngsters of Tamil Nadu conducted a...