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Pitchground Desky review: For any business, customer support is always an important area to take their business to the next level. Most of the business uses separate tools to manage customers, to track emails from the customers, to live chat with their customers and it is impossible to keep track of all these things in separate tools. To keep track of everything in a single dashboard, here comes a handy customer support tool – DESKY SUPPORT.

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Desky Support Quick Overview

Desky is a helpdesk, customer support tool that includes Simplified Support Desk + Live Chat for Startups and Businesses. With Desky app, one can Assign, Track, Prioritize, and Manage Your Customer Support With Ease with Desky’s Helpdesk Ticketing System and Live Chat Platform.


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Customer Service for a Business

Customer service is an important part of any business. Learn why customer service is important, how to provide customer service and Why use a helpdesk system to provide best customer support below,

Why Customer Service is important?

It is online or offline business, Customer support is almost important for any business. Before or after the product gets sold, customers always wanted to get in touch with the seller to know more about the product or how to use to product, etc. In order to help them, business needs a solid customer service. If a business fails to provide proper customer service, they will lose their customers. That is why customer service is important for any business.

How to provide Customer service?

Customer service can be provided in multiple ways, like Email support, Live chat support, Social media support, Call support. The most common one is call support and email support.

What if you want to provide customer support via all these channels, like Email, live chat, call? In that case, you need a solid Helpdesk system to manage all these channels in a single dashboard. The more separate tools you own to manage all these channels, more chances of missing a ticket or chat from a customer.  That is why helpdesk system with all these channels will be a handy tool to provide a top-notch customer support for any business.

Why use a Helpdesk System?

With different channels like Email, Live chat, Call option, there is a more chance you will miss something in the mid or you might not able to manage them properly. Some customer may call as well as email, and you might lose there as you cannot organise them properly if you have two different channels. That is why Helpdesk system helps you to organise and connect all your channels in a single dashboard.

With a proper helpdesk system, one can connect their business email, business phone number, business social media accounts, business live chat and everything in a single tool.

Desky Review

As usual Pitchground launches an amazing deal for small and medium business. Desky, a new SAAS helpdesk tool launched their software deal in 2020. Here is a quick review of Desky Support software,

Desky is designed to make your support work faster for both – your customers and support agents.

Buy Desky Pitchground Lifetime Deal


Easy Ticketing System

Allow your customers to submit support tickets, and your support agents to manage them.

Desky is designed to make your support tickets work faster for both- Agent as well as customers. And by faster we literally mean, in a click! With a ‘Transfer’ button right next to your support ticket, you can simply assign it to the respective department and particular team member of that department.

Live Chat

Customers love real-time support and getting answers to their questions on the spot.

Yet another powerful feature of Desky is Live chat. This is more fun way to interact and handle your customer support tickets. With Desky’s unique user interface design, you can respond to your customers faster and easier. Desky chat is the perfect mix of astonishingly sleek and amazingly simple feature that boost your conversions.

Personalized branding

Have your homepage personalized just the way you want. Customize logo, color and content

Maintain brand consistency by styling your customer helpdesk just like your brand’s look and feel. Personalize brand elements like color, logo, favicon, and content. You know what your customers come looking for better. Design your Desky by selecting what information should be the first thing your customers would be interested in.

Smart integrations

Find smart integration support for Envato, Slack, WooCommerce, and more.

With a Desky’s smart integration support for Envato, Slack, WooCommerce, Mattermost (and many more) you can increase your productivity without hopping much between different systems. You’ll never feel lost addressing your customer queries and requests.

Shopify and Mailchimp integrations are coming by May-end.

Amazon Seller, Zapier, and SSO are coming soon (We will update the ETA for this very soon)

Articles & Knowledge Base

Enrich your support with unlimited knowledge sharing articles to help your customers.

Customers love you when you empower them. Desky allows you to facilitate your support system as self-service option for your customers. This may sound counter-intuitive, but articles and knowledgebase makes the support much faster without direct interaction or dedicated time in supporting a ticket.

Powerful settings panel

Tailor your support ticket platform in all forms with Desky. Customize the look & feel, chat widget, forms and lot more with Desky’s outstanding options to alter. You can personalize your customer’s experience with email templates. You can also create static pages to launch or for promotional uses.

Departments and Agents

Create unlimited internal departments and add support agents to collaborate on individual tickets.

With Desky’s multi-level team hierarchy, you can add multiple departments and add agents to these departments. By onboarding your team, you can optimize your customer responses and track the progress of their assigned tickets. Every agent gets personal login to check and track his/her tickets and chats.

Multi language support

Business are growing and from remote team members to offices in different countries, your employees can be located across the globe. Desky offers multi-language support. Customize your Desky with the language your customers are looking up. This in itself builds a better customer relationship for the company.


Desky offers a customization option for notifications on your support portal. Users can get notified on several platforms like Email, Slack, Mobile app, web push, and Mattermost. You can customize which notifications are important to you and manage them from the settings.

Android & iOS mobile apps

Ace your customer support game with Android and iOS Desky app. Send replies, comment and interact with your customers on the go. Track the progress of open tickets and notify your customers on the progress of their support requests. You can assign new tickets to your team from your phone.

Permissions and access control

Desky offers you a holistic control of options where you can decide who has access to what. By simply checking the permission boxes in settings panel, you can grant or revoke permission to and from your team members(Roles). User can create multiple roles based on their choices and link it with agent accounts.

Reporting and Insights

Desky insights allow you to proactively review your support performance and improve potential risks of unhappy customer. You can view monthly report of tickets that are being attended by your team, solved tickets which are resolved by your team member from the department and closed tickets.

Use Desky to supercharge your support system – Bring the best customer experience with Desky. To stronger team collaborations, faster responses, simpler conversations and happiest customers.

What Makes Desky The Most Sorted Helpdesk?

Desky is the complete helpdesk system. Keeping simplicity as the key idea, you will find NOT all but JUST what you are looking for.

  • Ticketing System + Live chat = Seamless conversations
  • Native Mobile Android + IOS Apps
  • Simple, Fresh, & Fun to use for agents and customers both
  • Complete control over your support platform
  • Smart integrations to boost efficiency

Desky Help Desk Software Videos & Tutorials

Introducing Desky

Desky Help Desk Software Webinar, Q&A

How to use Desky Software

Desky FAQ

What is Desky?

Desky is the modern, clean, and simplified helpdesk ticketing system + live chat platform or startups and businesses. It is a non-bloated version of helpdesk which simply gets the job done.

Who is Desky perfect for?

Desky is a perfect solution If you are selling digital products, services, or run an ecommerce store, or just run a simple website where you interact with your visitors. For any business which has to deal with post-sales support, Desky is perfect for you.

How is Desky different from other help desk platforms in the market?

Desky is a non-bloated and simple solution that combines 2 essential tools i.e Ticketing system + Live Chat necessary for customer interaction to handle post sales support. It is a slimmed down and practical version of lot of complex system available in market.

Who owns my data and is it secure?

You own all your data. Desky take data protection and security very seriously. The team has the best security practices in place.  Also you can request them to clear your data from their servers any time.

Does Desky have white label option?

Desky does not have white label option as of now. However the option for Self hosted solution is in the road map.

What integrations are available / planned?

– Available: Envato market, Slack, WooCommerce, Mattermost, Google Login.

– Planned: Shopify, Amazon seller, Zapier, Developer APIs.

What is the best way to get started with Desky?

Once you have created your account, Best would be to start setting you support portal with your company’s basic info.

Here is the quick start guide :

Can chat widget be integrated in other websites

Yes, Chat widget can be added on your other websites. You need to add widget script in your website and you are done.

Can I only use chat and not the Ticketing System?

Absolutely! You can choose to only use the chat feature and not use the ticketing system. However both features are bundled in the platform and there is not separate  “Chat only” plan.

Knowledgebase URL?


Support Email?

– and Direct Link =

Facebook Group URL?


Public Roadmap URL?


Desky Discount & Coupon Code

Desky Pitchground deal features,

  • 5 Agents Included
  • 1 Brand/Company
  • Ticketing System
  • Live Chat
  • 4 Active Integrations (More coming soon)
  • Shopify and Mailchimp Integrations by May-end
  • Mobile Apps Android + IOS
  • Unlimited Stacking and Each Stack Code will add +5 agents to the same brand
  • All Future Updates Included
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

Buy Desky Pitchground Lifetime Deal


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