UP Elections 2017 – Modi in Varanasi


UP Elections 2017 – Modi in Varanasi

Prime Minister Modi started his election campaign for BJP in Varanasi from temple. He does aarathi at Kaasi Vishwanath temple and offers prayer at kaal Bhairav Temple.

Since PM Modi won the election in 5 places of UP before, its his prestige issue to win in the election again. So he brought 15 Central Ministers in those 5 places and started their campaign very seriously.

UP election - PM Modi

Ahilesh Yadhav addresses and BSP Chief Mayavathi also do rally in Varanasi. Modi also did rally in Varanasi.

At this situation, PM Modi consider this election as his prestige issue, and he tries a lot to win in this election. Campaign was going very seriously by all politicians in UP. At the end, the election result of UP will be released on march 11.