Flood in the Southern Indian States Caused 97 Deaths


People from all over the nation have devoted their time and to either the Kashmir valley reorganization bill or the Bharata Ratna award ceremony of Pranab Mukharjee due to this all, another major issue got sort of neglected that is the floods in southern Indian states of the nation.

The issue though has not got much attention by the media is very important, as lakhs of people are being affected by these floods. The condition is getting worse but the government is trying it’s best to save lives from this devastating disaster.

Regions of Kerala and Karnataka have been facing a deadly situation due to floods and landslides due to territorial rain which up till now has caused 66 deaths and over four lakhs people have been taken out from Maharashtra and 19 lost their lives in Gujarat. All this in itself is enough to grab your attention.

Flood in South India
Flood in South India

Revealed facts about the flood situation

Chief Minister of Kerala Prinayai Vijayan has revealed the data that 42 people died in incidents related to rain and over in eight districts of Kerala 80 landslides were recorded since August 8 this year. The facts show how cruel these natural disasters can be. The worst part about these floods and landslides is that people are still trapped in these and they can’t even do anything to get out of the situation.

Areas like the districts of Ernakulam, Idukki, Palakkad, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Wayanad, Kannur and Kasargod along with Puthumala of Meppadi in Wayanad and Kavalappara in Malappuram.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stated that he might visit his food affected constituency of Wayanad on August 11. We’ll have to wait to see whether he is saying the truth or not on the 11th of August.

Rahul Gandhi officially stated, “Probably going to Kerala tomorrow. I don’t want to disturb the rescue missions there. If I go there, I will be there for two days. I have spoken to the prime minister, (Kerala) chief minister, district collector and Congress workers of the state.”

People on the bank of Kabini river were warned in advance as on the four shutters of Banasurasagar dam was opened at 3 pm in order to throw out the excess water. The Banasura Sagar dam is located about 21km from Kalpetta in Wayanad. Banasura Sagar dam is unique because of it being the second largest of its kind in Asia and it is also the largest earth dam in India. This dam works for Karamanathodu tributary of the Kabini River.

Not only the lives of those living either in the affected region of near the affected region has been influenced but also the transportation has got affected. Several trains were canceled and flight operations from Kochi international airport have also been affected and are expected to resume at the noon of Sunday as stated by an airport official.

The situation is not just evident in one single region but in many regions, for instance, the situation of Karnataka has also been degraded due to which the number of deaths rose to 24.

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