Happy Deepavali 2017 Greetings Wishes, Pictures, Messages


Diwali Greetings: First of all, we wishing you a Happy Diwali. This is one of the best places to get all the latest Greeting cards for Diwali. You can send and share it with your friends and families on this auspicious week of October 2017. While most of us have many questions regarding many religious festivals like Why We Celebrate Diwali, What reason behind the celebration of Holi, Dasara, Bihu, Baisakhi, Sanjhi, Kumbh Mela, Pongal, Ugadi, Onam and more. Also, we all intense to know When is Diwali this Year, especially our family kids are eagerly waiting for that day to see many colors in the black sky on Deepavali night. In the festival evening or night, all the Hindu people are like to share their love and feelings through Deepavali Greetings Wishes, Deepavali Pictures, and Deepavali Messages on WhatsApp, Messenger, and other social media.

Let’s have a look at our latest and exclusive collections of Diwali Cards, Happy Diwali Greeting Message, Images of Diwali Festival and so. Check out full latest Deepavali collections.

Diwali Greetings Messages English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu

Happy Diwali Wishes Images & Greetings
Happy Diwali Wishes Images

Light a lamp of love,
Blast a chain of sorrow,
Shoot a rocket of prosperity,
Fire a flowerpot of happiness,
Happy Diwali 2 you & ur family.

Diwali Greetings 2

On Diwali wizhes for every joy
& prosperity, Here’s hoping,
That da beauty of thiz festival of lights,
Bring a world of joy, happiness
& contentment 2 you,
2 last da whole year through…!!

May da warmth & splendor,
that are a part of thiz auspicious occasion,
fill ur life with happiness & bright cheer,
& bring 2 you joy & prosperity, for da whole year.

A Very Happy Diwali 2 You& ur
Beautiful Family May God Give You All
That You Want & Need In ur Life Enjoy
have an enjoyable Diwali

Long live da tradition of hindu culture
& as da generations have passed
By hindu culture iz getting stronger
& stronger lets keep it up….!!!!


Diwali Greeting Hindi

Happy Diwali Messages in Hindi 2

Greeting Cards for Diwali Telugu

Happy Diwali wishes Telugu quotes

Diwali Images of the Festival are provided here below for you to share with your lovable person of your life. Diwali Images Free Download also available here. You can download all the images without any cost.

Happy Diwali 2017
Happy Diwali 2017
Images of Diwali Festival
Images of Diwali Festival

Happy Diwali Greeting Message in Oriya

Dina re suruja Rati re chandra,
Dina re bula ta rati re khela,
Dina re potas ta Rati re nadia,
apana mananku deepavali ra bahut bahut
abhinandana sahita subecha…

Mana bharena jata dipawali ahe
Puni laxmi dipawali aniba sehe
Patka re phataiba dunia ajee
Laxmi ko sobu sagaiebe ajee
Laxmi ko sabu koriba namaste
Khusire rohibe dunia samaste

Dipabali ra hardik abhinandana…
Pravu jagannath tama jibanare o tama parivar pai khusi o samrudhhi anantu…
Happy Dipabali

Happy Diwali Images 2017
Happy Diwali Images 2017

Happy Diwali Greetings in Marathi 2017

Koyal ko awaj ‘MUBARAK’
Aawaj ko sur ‘MUBARAK’
Sur ko sungeet ‘MUBARAK’
Aur Aap ko hamari taraf se
Dhan 13 Rup 14

Ya Deepawali chya! Sampurna Maharashtra chya!!
Janatela hardik hardik subechhya!!!

Pahila diwa lagel dari,
Sukhacha kiran yeil ghari;
Purn hovot tumcha sarv iccha,
Tumha sarvanna ”DIWALICHA” hardik-hardik shubhecha

Happy Diwali Images Facebook
Happy Diwali Images Facebook

Happy Diwali Greeting Card and messages in Kannada

People around the world are still celebrating one of the biggest festivals of Hindu religion by sending cards. Just now, it is changed into an online digital greeting card and gifts. On this day, people decorate their home, office in order to welcome the wealth goddess Laxmi to their place by lighting rows of oil candles. Also, the sharing sweets, gifts, shopping, and more new things are happening on this colorful days.

Helarigu deepavali habbadha
Nima maneyali santhosh thumba
Erali mathu santhosh vadha
Habbavanu swaghathisuona
**Happy Deepagala Habba**

Jyoti inda Jyoti belagali,
Deepadinda Deepa mana belagali,
Deepavali namma nimmallera
balu belagali

Deepavali Habbad Subhashaygalu.
Kattaleyind, Belkinadege, Nadeyua E Belkin Habbakke,
Yella Bhandu Bhandvarigu Deepavaliya Subhashy Galu
Happy Deepavali

Happy Diwali Greeting Card and messages in Kannada
Happy Diwali Wallpaper HD Widescreen

Greeting Cards for Diwali in Tamil

How to say Happy Diwali in Tamil: In south India, people are calling it as Deepavali. In Tamil Nadu, the festival is celebrated on two days as not like other state’s five-day celebration. In the first day, Naraga Chaturdashi and Deepavali Amavasay Day.

Iniya Dipavali Nalvazhttukkal (Happy Diwali) is the Tamil greetings, wishes.

Deepangal Jolikka,Pattaasu vedikka,Pudhu Thuni Udhuththi,Magizhchiyudan indrai naalai neengal kondada,Yen Iniya Deepavali Vaazthukkal! Happy Deepawali 2017

“Nalla Ennangal”Endra Deeba VilakkaiYettri Vaithu,“Irul” EndraTheemayai AzhippadheIntha Deepawali!

Ungal VaalkayilThunbangal ellam karaindhu poga,Olimayamaana Ethirgaalam pirakka,Ninaithadhai ellam Saadhikka,Indha Deepawali Tthirunaalil,Magizhchiyudan en iniya vaalthukkalai thiraivaikiren!

Pada pada endru pattasugal vedikka, sada sada endru mathappugal porriya…Thithikkum inipugalal illam vairu niraiya, palapalakkira deeba oliyil ullam ellam malara…Mangala vazhtholi engum paravattum, mattrata maghizhchiyil…Manam thilaikattum Deepawali Thirunalil…Ellorum ellam nalamum petru vazhgha…Iniya Deepawali naal vazthukkal…!

Happy Diwali Greeting Card in Tamil 2

Santhosham aaga irukirathuAdhu engum Deepawali andru irukirathuNaam sila kadhal matrum paraparpu katraMatrum angey ellarum wishes thraivikaHappy Deepawali andru vazhuthikiren.

Use all these Exclusive Collections on Happy Deepavali Greetings Sms for your friends, and family in high quality, best resolution, and High definition images. One of the most important motives of this festival is the exchange of sweets and also our best Deepawali wishes like colors in our fireworks on Festival night.

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