ICHR to Run Pilot Project – Ram Sethu is Natural or Man-Made

ICHR Project: The Indian Council of Historical Research is ready to run the pilot project to explore whether the Ram Sethu origin is natural or man-made. ICHR will train 20 scholars for this study in this may.

ICHR to Study Ram Sethu Structure was Man-Made or Natural

Ram Sethu also known as Adam’s Bridge which is a limestone that stretches Pamban Island near Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu to Mannar Island in Sri Lanka. The council is going to examine that this bridge is natural or man-made.


According to Hindus Mythology this Adam’s Bridge was built by Lord Ram and his followers to reach Ravana’s boundary and kingdom to rescue Sita.

The aim of this ICHR project is to examine the Adam’s Bridge structure whether it is natural or Man-made. The scientists, researchers and students of ICHR begin the study from October and the report will be submitted on end of the November.