Ministry of External Affairs: Pakistan Downgrading Ties Try Presenting Alarming Photo, Art. 370 India’s Internal Affair


Ministry of External Affairs, India has said that downgrading diplomatic ties with India by Pakistan is only to exaggerate and to present Kashmir issue as the burning in the globe. It has also asked Islamabad to rethink and reconsider the whole thing freshly.

The Ministry of External Affairs on Thursday has expressed its regret on the regressive steps taken by the neighboring country Pakistan. It has again asserted that Jammu & Kashmir is an internal issue of India and there is no need for any interference by anyone.

The ministry also said Pakistan’s negative perception about India’s development move is not new as the neighboring country exploit such sentiments and justify cross border terrorism. “The constitution of India was, is and will always be sovereign matter. Seeking to interfere in that jurisdiction by invoking an alarmist vision of the region will never succeed,” the Ministry of External Affairs mentioned in a statement.

Ministry of External Affairs
Ministry of External Affairs

It is needed to mention here that last Monday India witnessed a historic event in the Parliament. It abrogated 70-year-old Article 370 to make Jammu & Kashmir an integral part of India and making Indian constitution applicable in Kashmir rejecting the state’s constitution. The home minister of India Sri.

Amit Shah also informed the India parliament about the bifurcation of Jammu Kashmir state along with making both the area (J&K and Ladakh) becoming Union territory. Reacting to the reaction Pakistan on Wednesday expelled Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria, soon after decision of downgrading the diplomatic ties with India over the Delhi’s action on Kashmir. It has also termed the move to “Unilateral and illegal”.

The statements made by the Ministry of External Affairs:

“Recent decision by the government and Parliament of India are driven by a commitment to extending to J&K opportunities for development that were earlier denied by a temporary provision in the Constitution,” the Ministry of External Affairs said in an official statement. It is easy to realize the hidden intention behind the downgrading of diplomatic ties is to present an “alarming picture to the world of our bilateral ties”

“The government of India regrets the steps announced by Pakistan on Wednesday and would urge that country to review them so that normal channels for diplomatic communication are preserved,” the Ministry of External Affairs stated. It is expected that the decision on Jammu & Kashmir will yield a decrease in gender and socio-economic discrimination

“It is expected to result in an upswing of economic activity and improvement in the livelihood prospects of all people of Jammu & Kashmir,” it said. “It is not surprising that such development initiatives that could address any disaffection in Jammu & Kashmir should be negatively perceived in Pakistan, which has utilized such sentiments to justify its cross border terrorism” the Ministry of External Affairs further added.

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