Narendra Modi Cabinet 2.0: A Transformational Change


Prime Minister Narendra Modi called parliamentarians on Sunday to disregard any pessimism and work with an inspirational working attitude in order to prevail upon even the individuals who did not decide in favor of the political party.

In his address at the closing session of the training program, two-days for more than 380 party legislators and lawmakers, he likewise alluded to the coming Lok Sabha election, planned for 2024, and instructed them to nurture their electorates such that they can hold them on the quality of their work and direct, sources said.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi told columnists that PM Narendra Modi requested that parliamentarians not engage negative considerations about the individuals who did not vote in favor of them and rather work and behave so that they are likewise prevailed upon.

PM Narendra Modi

“You should do the politics of everybody’s welfare. They should be positive and shun any negative thought about those who did not vote for the party. Looking at your work and conduct, they will get closer to you,” he stated quoting PM Narendra Modi.

New innings with all guns blazing: Storm of laws present and passed:

With the storm of laws passed by the NDA government in this session, with more than half a dozen laws passed in present parliament session, and PM Modi is not holding back and try to take advantage of the absolute majority in government. The government must be praised that they are taking some serious steps to curb the negatives prevailing in society.

Also in the budget speech, the finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman was telling about the projects and schemes that will bore fruit in the coming decade. With this approach they are thinking, coming to power once again for the record third time.

With the dissolution of the government in Karnataka and even the helplessness of Anti-Defecation law, now BJP has a chance to prove their majority and form government, which is unlikely to happen but possible and at least they have managed to increase their vote bank with the passing of Triple-Talaq bill. With the introduction of 30 bills, the NDA government is all set to break the 1952 record. Out of 30, 20 have been passed by Lok Sabha and 14 have been passed by both the houses.

Eyeing the difficult task: Article 370 and Article 35 (A)

The BJP managers, driven by home minister Amit Shah, guaranteed that the two bills were passed in the upper House in spite of the fact that the decision alliance does not have a majority.

Walkouts by certain parties and abstentions by MPs restricted to the enactment, helped the BJP win the number game. “If we managed to pass the instant triple talaq bill in the Rajya Sabha, we can also get bills like the citizenship amendment bill and that to scrap Article 370 and Article 35A passed,” a BJP leader stated.

“The passage of the talaq bill is a big victory for us and our ideology,” the leader further said.

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