NEET – What is it? Why do we need it? Who is against it? How do you ace it? ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW


National Eligibility and Entrance Test, more popularly known as NEET has caused quite a furor since its implementation in 2013. NEET replaced the AIPMT or All India Pre Medical Test and all other state run exams for medical admission in 2013. Though all was well till 2016, it was during the next academic year of 2017 did it face the wrath of the people, particularly of Tamilians. This report presents a detailed study and gives an insight on the politics and ignorance of people on this issue.

NEET, when brought into action on the March of 2013 was challenged by states and several privately run medical institutions as usual. The people hurriedly got a stay order that allowed them to undergo medical admissions based on their 12th-grade board marks and other entrance tests. Soon NEET was pronounced illegal by the Supreme Court of India in the April of 2013. Subsequently, this verdict was brought down by a special judges bench on 2016 allowing the MCI (MEDICAL Council of India) to conduct NEET and admit medical aspirants based solely on NEET marks alone.


In 2016, NEET was conducted all over India in 2 phases. The first phase was attended by as many as 6 lakh aspirants. Confusion developed among people when news emerged that private colleges can enroll students on the basis of their board marks and other entrance exams. Soon SCI (Supreme Court of India) cleared the doubts and gave rules to admit people based solely on NEET scores. Eventually, the second phase of NEET was conducted. But state governments and various institutions pleaded to the president who ultimately signed an ordinance which put a stay on SCI order.

NEET Verdict: President signs order to put the common entrance examination

However, in 2017, NEET again emerged as the sole entrance test for medical admissions in government and various private medical colleges all over the country. This was seen as a welcome move by many people and was equally opposed by some. In particular, the state of Tamil Nadu was one of the major states vehemently opposing NEET stating that the exams were conducted according to the syllabi for CBSE students and this would adversely affect the doctor dreams of state board taught students. Even political parties used this as a political stand-off and publicly criticized both the state and central governments for not respecting the views of the people. But the truth was far from the web of lies woven by the hungry media and sub standard politicos.

  • As opposed to what projected by various media houses, NEET syllabi and state board syllabi are very much same.
  • NEET was announced with the sole purpose of rip up the practice of obtaining seats by giving lakhs of rupees in a donation, to abolish cheaters (more prevalent in the north) and to allow schools to give proper education. It is a well-known fact that several schools have cropped up in Tamil Nadu where the only purpose was to make the student mug up. There were several accusations on many schools that the teachers even helped their children during the final board exams.
  • During the regime of DMK government during 2009, Samacheer Kalvi was introduced. This was a desperate attempt to unify the education system across TamilNadu which failed miserable. The subpar syllabi of the book guaranteed even the slowest of the learners to get the full score. This caused the quality of education in TN to plummet to death (Pun not intended readers).
  • It’s time people accept that the quality of high school education in TN is nowhere near their other state counterparts. Students, though they have the same syllabus like other states are not taught to learn the concept and apply it to solve problems. Instead, they are forced to memorize a text and are tested on their ability to reproduce it on paper. Such a shame.
  • Anti-NEET protests were carried all over TN in the wake of the shocking death of Dalit girl People crusading the anti-NEET protests all call in for minority people for their support. Anitha’s death was shocking as the girl was reportedly content with pursuing B.Sc Agriculture for her marks. This allegation raises unanswered questions such as did Anitha really committed suicide or was a victim of political drama that ended in her murder?
  • In contrast to what media projected, 85 % of the seats in TN are allocated as home quota meaning its reserved for native TN people. People complaining about seats being snatched by other state students need to check their facts at least for once, I guess.
  • People opposed NEET with not much of knowledge of how things worked. Its time that people of TN rose up to the challenge and show them that they can ace the exam like a piece of cake. It is imperative that the government of TN took matters in its own hands and provided much better education for all its students.

Will the political gimmicks subside and people realize their mistake? Will NEET prevail in TN or will the government give in to its favor? Only time will tell folks.

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