Pepsi & Coke Banned in Tamil Nadu: Tha Vellaiyan, AM Vikrama Raja Protest


Tha Vellaiyan & AM Vikrama Raja: The Tamil Nadu Trade Association (TTA) is headed by A.M.Vikrama Raja, who has come out with an interesting demand: ban the sale of Pepsi and Coke products in the state of Tamil Nadu. This demand follows a series of protests from the association and its members in the recent past. As a result of the protest, Coke and Pepsi banned in Tamil Nadu from 1st March 2017.

Pepsi Coke Ban in Tamil Nadu

Since the youngsters of Tamil Nadu conducted a protest for Jallikattu, the sales of foreign beverages was banned in Tamil Nadu from March 1st. In order to ban the beverages, Tamil Nadu Trade Association members conducted a protest on march 1st all over the state. Under the guidence of Tha.Vellaiyan, Chief of Tamil Nadu Trade Association started the protest from Perambur Bus stand by breaking the foreign beverages in local shops which they kept for sale as a beginning of Coke Pepsi ban.

The association has also highlighted the fact that these products are having a negative impact on the health of the people in Tamil Nadu. They have been calling for a ban on the sale of these products in the state since the past few months.

The association has also taken their protests to the streets, where they have been staging protests against the sale of the products. They have also been organizing protest marches across Perambur, Tamil Nadu to draw attention to the issue.

Pepsi coke ban in tamil nadu

The protest has been gaining traction in the state with more and more people joining in the call for a ban on the sale of Pepsi and Coke products in the state. The association has also been garnering support from the political parties in the state, with many of them calling for a ban on the sale of Pepsi and Coke in the state.

On this Protest, Trade Association Head A.M.Vikrama Raja said that 70% of foreign brand beverages sale was declined that day. Coke Pepsi ban and Awareness to the public will be given soon, so that sales of foreign beverages will be completely stopped.

UPDATE on Pepsi & Coke Ban in Tamil Nadu

Despite the controversy, the ban on Pepsi and Coke remained in place for several months. It was eventually lifted in late 2020, following a series of negotiations between the government and the companies. However, the controversy surrounding the ban continued to linger, with many in Tamil Nadu expressing both support and opposition to the decision.

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