Satta Matka – Facts & How to Play Matka


How to play Satta Matka: A person who guess perfectly the correct number and gets a reward of predicted amount of money referred to as Satta Matka. It has been the most popular form of the lottery even before the Republic of India gained independence. In ancient times. It was based on betting by opening and closing the cotton rate. These transmissions normally take place through the teleprinters. Currently, it has been modernized whereby it takes place through the selection of a number randomly by the individual who is taking place in the lottery.

There are two most famous and common Satta Matka lotteries which are the Kalyan and Worli. The Kalyan form was the first one to be established, it was brought into vivid existence in the year 1962 by Kalyanji Bagatti. The lottery took place all the seven days of the week. The Worli Matka is the current lottery which has dominated the market and it was started by Rattan Khatri. It has lottery rules and regulations. It doesn’t operate during the weekends and holidays.

Gambling seems to be legal in India as many states allow casinos and lotteries, the states include Punjab, Goa, Kerala, Sikkim among many others. There is known as SattaMatka that gives out quick Satta Matka results and the Satta number. It is the best website where you can get updates about this game. A person who has heavily benefited from the money of Satta Matka is a Satta Matka king.

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In Bollywood Satta Matka business has been of great influence especially the Satta Matka kings who adopt a new character and transform the entire Bollywood, Satta Matka games need special tricks and techniques to perform effectively on this world best gambling game.


  • Get to make a choice of three numbers which are
    between 0-9 randomly.
  • As per the rules of the game, the three numbers
    are summed up and the final number is given.
  • If the final number is a two-digit number you
    are only supposed to use one last digit.
  • You are given a chance to choose another set of
    numbers randomly just the way you drew the first ones.
  • The sum is also done and use the last number as
    the final selection.
  • A final card will be provided.

Matka sattamatka is a game of luck and despite becoming the Satta king after choosing the right number is also rewards a huge amount of money to the winner. Getting to choose the lucky number it really doesn’t matter on the player’s degree of luck, it requires intelligent calculation and guesswork. Satta Matka Kalyan chart is meant to help the player in the effectiveness of calculating skills. Reasoning is crucial for a player to get correct Satta Matka to guess. The decision is also important as the player is required to decide on the best trend that can help the player choose the lucky number and win thus becoming the Satta King.

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