Suja Varunee (Sujatha Naidu) – Bigg Boss Tamil New Entry Name Finally Revealed


Bigg Boss Tamil New Contestant: In today’s Bigg Boss show promo, Vijay TV revealed their new wild card entry contestant and people are eagerly checking who is the contestant. But we at Cover365 analyzed and found the contestant. It is none other than Sujatha Naidu who will be the next wild card and new entry contestant to the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss vote and eviction results are announced every week and on the other end, new wild card entries were introducing thrice a week. Earlier, Bindhu Madhavi entered into the house as a new contestant. Now, Sujatha is the new contestant to be entered into the house this week.

Sujatha Naidu also called as Suja Varunee is a famous Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam actress. The 32 years old actress appeared in many films doing small roles including Pallikudam, Thangam, Sandai, Milaga, Settai, Pencil, Kidari, Kuttram 23 and few more movies. Here is the image of the contestant you can look at,

Sujatha Naidu Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant
Sujatha Naidu Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant

She is also a professional model. It looks like she will become a good competitor to Bindhu Madhavi who didn’t get into any troubles so far. This week elimination will be more interesting as Gayathri and Raiza were in the eviction. According to Cover365 Bigg Boss vote results, Raiza will get saved from the eviction. But she is not comfortable with the inmates nowadays and disobeying, violating house rules.

Cast your Bigg Boss votes on Cover365 and predicts who will get eliminated from the house this week before the official Bigg Boss eviction results.

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