Bigg Boss Tamil – The Luxury Budget Task Madness and Eliminations


People have this urge to get a sneak into the personal lives of others and our media has used this urge to make a successful TV show. Yeah, you guessed it right, we will be talking about the famous TV show Bigg boss and more specifically Bigg boss Tamil. We’ll take a look at what took place recently from luxury budget tasks to the elimination round, from what’s going on inside the house to what people outside are thinking about it.

The main subject of focus this week or the 37th day has been the luxury budget. According to the luxury budget task for this week every house member was given a particular movie character and they had to act in that way throughout the task. Following this impersonating act whenever a song was played, the house member impersonating that character had to get on the dance floor and dance like no one is watching.

bigg boss tamil 3
bigg boss tamil 3

There was this limit of 15 seconds within which the house member has to show up on the dance floor otherwise they would be a deduction in the points. This deduction in the points was directly linked to the luxury budget task of the week. The task went well and house members seemed to enjoy the task.

Though the tasks are not only for enjoyment, the elimination rounds are making way for contestants out of the house. Only 12 out of the original 16 contestants are left in the house. Abirami, Kavin, Madhumitha, Reshma, and Sakshi are all a part of this week’s eviction process. The drama has always been a part of the elimination round of this show and nothing is different from this season. With Kavin nominating Sakshi, Tharsan nominating Kavin, Mugen nominating Madhumitha were some of the most shocking moments.

Whatever goes on in Bigg boss house not only stays inside the bigg boss house but also shows its effect on the outside world. Well, know actress Shraddha Srinath who is going to appear in movie Nerkonda Paraavi has a word with media regarding her co-star Abhirami Venkatachalam’s who is a part of Big Boos Tamil house.

The diva told media that she doesn’t watch the show but due to the indulgence of the co-star, she watched a few clips on the internet. Shraddha also had a positive comment about Abhirami that whenever there was a need to speak up especially when things were not right, Abhiram chose his words carefully. The actress added that apart from this she doesn’t know much about what’s going on in the house.

For those of you who don’t know, Abhirami Venkatachalam has worked with the Shraddha Srinath for the film Nerkonda Paarvai which is highly anticipated amongst Tamil audience. The film is basically a remake of  Bollywood movie Pink which created a buzz when it was released. Boney Kapoor is handling the direction of the movie. Now what the movie will offer to the audience can only be seen after its release.

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