Yaakkai Movie Review


Yaakkai review: Yaakkai movie is the Tamil movie released on march 3rd which starts with a murder. The story travelled in two paths that are unrelated. One the investigation of the murder and the other is a love story between Kathir and Kavitha.

Yaakkai casts are Krishna as Kathir, Swathi Reddy as Kavitha, Prakash Raj as Sagayam, Guru Somasundram as Sriram, Radha Ravi as Dr.Krishnamoorthy. Yaakkai was directed by Kuzhandhai Velappan.

Yaakai movie review

The scenes were monotonous and boring, and the story was not connected. Music was good. Yuvan played his pleasing music and it was good.

Yaakkai Movie Review

Review of Yaakkai movie is 1.5/5. Stay tuned for more movie reviews update.