5 Features Of Learning App That You Need To Know


We now live in a time where learning new things has never been easier. With time, the final hurdles to learning are removed. We’ve progressed from traditional classrooms to eLearning and mobile learning app. Given that mobile devices are used to access most online information, it’s no surprise that eLearning mobile apps have generated quite a stir in the business. These mobile apps come with several benefits for both consumers and eLearning business owners. After you’ve finished your study, you’ll have a long list of features that you could see in your learning app. So, let us break it down for you with a list of vital elements that you should include in every eLearning mobile app:

1- Learner-Focused Design

The learning app you’re using was created with a specific goal in mind: to make learning easier. When it comes to ensuring the proper delivery of content, the User experience of this learning app is critical. A learner-centric design allows the students to concentrate on the course content, which is well-organized across mobile devices of all sizes.

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2- Live Tutorials & Interactive Sessions

Live Tutorials & Interactive Sessions is one of the most important elements of educational software, as it allows students to join live lectures and teaching sessions of their particular teachers/professors if they have missed any. With the help of a mobile app development firm, teachers can establish a virtual classroom in addition to live tutorials by including a ‘chat now’ feature where students can ask questions and get answers.

3- Regular Practice & Mock Tests

Regular practice & mock tests are another significant educational software aspect. It is critical to incorporate weekly mock test assessments in the e-Learning app to perform timely examinations, identify the students’ degree of comprehension, and make them aware of their own level of preparation and deficiencies. In addition, it will assist students in determining where they should focus their efforts and on which topics. Teachers can also ask the students random questions at any time and link their answers to the external scorecard.

4- Push Notifications & Course Activities 

Mobile applications cannot function without push notifications. It allows the teachers to maintain a non-intrusive connection with their users. Push Notifications are a very useful and effective feature. They enable the teachers to connect with your users without actually interacting with them. In terms of the educational app, it’s also a must-have function. It sends critical messages to students and professors when there is a change in the course. You can also use it to remind users of their impending plans, provide brief motivational quotations, and remind them about revision, among other things.

5- Progress Tracking & Achievements

Progress Tracking & Achievements is an educational apps must-have function. Monitoring and following a student’s accomplishments and development is one of the most motivating tools for both students and parents.

In the education industry, educational apps are the need of the hour. These types of software help students learn more effectively and solve their challenges. The training division’s ultimate fate will be determined by these varied education applications, which will prompt its improvement.

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