A How-To Guide For Pregnancy Prevention In A Sexually Active World


Baby, a four-letter word that translates into enormous responsibilities, endless sacrifices, and a large share of stressful financial pressure. Not all women are ready to bring babies into the world even though they have become sexually active individuals. Some wanted to finish their studies or become financially secure before having a family while others don’t want to get pregnant at all for different reasons.

If you’re one of those women, who can’t say no to lovemaking but who do not want to become mothers, then you must know the best ways to cheat gestation. Plunge in this write-up and learn some essential facts that will help you if you’re seeking for pregnancy prevention.

pregnancy prevention

Unzip What Sex Is

In today’s modern world, young women are drawn into casual sex even if they are not into any romantic relationship with men and some have also engaged in internet pornography to satisfy their sexual drive and lust. Women must learn that sex is more than just a physical need and when they throw themselves into arms of their sexual partners, they must consider contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, urinary tract infections, among others, to have the safest and most satisfying sex.

Along with other things, women must learn that only vagina sex can transfer sexually transmitted diseases or that condoms are not one hundred percent safe in preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. If women knew all these things, they could have peace of mind and better decisions concerning their sexuality. They will start to accept too that not all sex is mind-blowing as it still takes practice and experience to make it incredibly unforgettable.

Safe Sex Is The Best Sex

Several studies will show a surprising rise in the number of women who are sexually active but who are not using any birth control method to reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. That is the reason why there is also an increasing number of pregnant women who resort to abortion and those who, unfortunately, are sick with sexually transmitted diseases.

Figuring out one’s birth control methods and options is the answer to have the safest and the best sexual relationship you will ever have. Of the birth control methods made available to women, the birth control pill is considered a safe and convenient way to prevent pregnancy, ease menstrual cramps, and even make monthly periods lighter. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced pill, use this levora coupon to save on your purchase but still getting what you need to inhibit ovulation.

Learn The Art Of Communication

If you’re into a romantic relationship, it is crucial for you to discuss matters related to sexual issues with your partners. Your partner should know about how you feel towards pregnancy, your fear of acquiring sexually transmitted infections, or your choice of birth control methods. Women should learn to speak up if they are unsure about certain things in their relationship and to inform their partners about their particular needs and wants.

Dad & daughter Bonding is an important aspect for a pregnant women. On the other hand, women must also listen to what their partners are itching to get. Communication is the only way to have a pleasurable and fulfilling sexual experience. If they can effectively communicate with their partners, they can strengthen the levels of honesty, respect, and trust in their relationship.

To A Satisfying Sex Life, See A Doctor

If you need the most valuable answers to your sexual health questions, then go to the doctor whom you are most comfortable. Women must undergo yearly sexual health check-ups with their doctors to learn more about their bodies, their sex lives, and the state of their minds.

They should also undergo specific tests to ensure that they are sexually healthy and away from the perils of sexually transmitted diseases.  Doctors will listen to what you would like to say without judging you, explain things that will be easy for you to understand, and give you pieces of advice on how to protect your health. They are said to be the best persons to talk to if you want to address your sexual health issues.


Being a mother will always be the hardest job in the world. Meanwhile, having or not having a child is one of the most critical decisions to make in this lifetime. If you’re not prepared to surrender your carefree life or your financial freedom, then you must know how to prevent pregnancy when you’re sexually active. It pays when you’re in the know as you can commit to healthier choices that lead you to relish a rewarding sex life.

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