Keep losing money on rugby bets? Change your luck today with these tips


Rugby is a quite popular sport both for Indian fans and betters. Of course, it is not so popular as cricket, field hockey, or football. However, bets on international rugby tournaments, TOP national championships, and local All India & South Asia Rugby Tournament are always in the spotlight of the best online bookmakers that provide betting in India and other countries. Many skilled betters select rugby because of comparatively high odds, low bookies’ margin and rare sensational results of matches. At the same time, those who have no skills, lose money more often than win.

The reason of losing money on rugby bets is in some special features of this sport. Various versions of the game with different rules and TOP teams in each of them, as well as other important specialties should be mentioned by bettors. Here are some tips that can be useful for bookmakers’ customers that are going to get regular profit from rugby online betting. This information was kindly provided by betting experts representing the best bookies that provide their service to Indian betters.

Rugby Betting
Rugby Betting

Rugby rules and tournaments

First of all, you need to remember that this kind of sport is divided into three different versions: Rugby-15, Rugby-13 and Rugby-7. The number at the end indicates the number of people on the field. Rugby 15 or Rugby Union is the classic version of the game that is the most popular one. The match lasts two halves of 40 minutes. Unlike football, rugby has a «clear time». The other specialty is that the match does not stop with the siren about the end of time. Teams continue to play exactly until the ball leaves the field or the attacking team makes a mistake.

The most popular rugby tournaments, such as World Cup, Rugby Championship and Six Nations Cup, are held in Rugby Union. Two other game versions are not such spread. Rugby-13 (Rugby League) is a simplified variant that is popular in England and Australia. Rugby-7 is considered to be the Olympic version. The matches are not so hard here. So, these tournaments take 2-3 days, while World Championship is held for about 2 months (one team plays only once a week).

Types of rugby bets

Standard types of bets are common to all three varieties of rugby. When betting on Rugby Union, it is worth remembering about a very serious division into favorites and outsiders. A weak team has practically no chance to win the match. For example, for 8 World Cups, only once did the European team manage to win the title. It was England in 2003. Otherwise, only elite countries win, such as New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. There is no such division in Rugby-7, because it is much easier to collect 7 good players than 15. It is used by small countries. For example, the Fiji men’s team won the Olympic Games in 2016 in spite of the fact that the population of this country does not even reach a million people.

How to bet on rugby

Since this sport is rather traumatic, the pre-match analysis of each match should take a lot of time. As we already said, teams rarely play more than one match per week. The most reliable type of bet is the outcome, because sensations here are very rare. The exception is Rugby-7. Betting on handicap in this sport is quite risky — there are many factors that can influence the result, including weather. Total is more preferable. Usually at least one of the teams scores 20+ points per match, so the total is most often about 38-42 points. Use this information and improve your results in rugby betting.

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