Know your Canada immigration points through our point calculator for Canada


Canada has been awarding points to skilled immigrants. As per the Federal Skilled Worker program of this country, workers who have the requisite experience from their home country are eligible to get 67 points as per the Canada skilled immigration points calculator.

Without so many points, you can’t go to this country. Therefore, it’s important first to check whether you have 67 points or not through the Canada skilled immigration points calculator. Thereafter you get the total points letting you know whether you are eligible to be here or not.

All you have to do is consult us for after using our point calculator for Canada.

Changes in the point calculator for Canada

Canada has been making huge waves in the field of immigration. These immigration changes have allowed applicants who know French quite well, to get a higher number of points. These points are equivalent to 30 once you have the NCLC seven scores in French along with English CLB 5. These scores make you eligible to get a higher point’s score(30) as compared to the other candidates who have applied using the point calculator for Canada. However, candidates who have siblings present in Canada on the PR are also able to get higher points(15 points) in the point calculator for Canada making them more ready for immigration. Moreover,  in Canada, you can only get the immigration, once you have the Express Entry points as per the draw which has happened recently. The latest score of the Express Entry draw is 440. You can compare your own score by calculating it through the point calculator for Canada with this score of 440.

Canada Immigration

After you know, this score through the point calculator for Canada, and it’s not even 400, you can get in touch with us for provincial nominee programs. We help you know your PNP eligibility and as such guide you further for the immigration process.

What are PNP programs?

Various kinds of PNP programs have been implemented so that candidates are easily able to get immigration of a certain province. In PNP using you can get to know how eligible you are for a certain PNP using our point calculator for Canada. For example, Nova Scotia needs a job offer granted to the interested candidate. This job offer should not be for a brief duration but for a longer one, in fact, no duration must be specified on the offer letter. Apart from the job offer, the candidates should also be holding some experience which is relevant to the job. Nile Migration knows how perfectly and adeptly you can file a PNP and get the results through it. So, after you know your points through our online point calculator for Canada, we make you know how to proceed ahead. Our Canada skilled immigration points calculator lets you know how many aggregate points you have given your attributes of age, education and relevant experience levels. This Canada skilled immigration points calculator awards you points on the basis of your English proficiency and the home country work experience, your age, your IELTS score and your education.

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