The Best Romantic Spots in Lebanon


When you think about romantic spots, probably France or Italy would pop-up in your mind immediately. But romantic spots are not limited to those two countries. Moreover, romantic spots are not limited to Europe. So, whether you are dating someone or planing to take one of those cuties from for a romantic trip, you should keep Arabic countries in your mind. While the United Arabian Emirates can prove to be quite expensive, there are a few romantic spots in Lebanon that are way cheaper. So, let’s check out the best romantic getaways in Lebanon.

Byblos Sur Mer Hotel

If you are familiar with French, you can tell that the name suggests that Byblos is a hotel by the sea. Anyone who has been to this hotel, knows how romantic and beautiful this place is. Byblos Sur Mer Hotel is a charming fancy hotel with a front sea view, which makes it ideal for romantic getaways for couples. The view on the sea is already perfect for a romantic atmosphere, but the benefits of the Byblos Hotel doesn’t end there. The hotel has a professional staff, which would make everything for you staying at the venue to be as comfortable as possible. The design of the hotel is faultless. And whenever you get hungry, you can order from the hotel’s restaurants to enjoy the most delicious meals that you would ever taste.

Cedars Ground Campsite

If hotels seem boring to you, and you and your girlfriend are more into outdoors activities and observing the nature, Lebanon is once again a place to go. Forget about Byblos, you can opt for the Cedars Ground Campsite. Here you can rest and enjoy romantic moments in the hammock. But that’s not the end. The main thing about Cedars Ground Campsite is the sheer magical atmosphere. Wait till the evening, when you can enjoy sitting in the tent or by the fire watching the impressive nature of Lebanon unfolding in front and around you.

Romantic Spots in Lebanon

Pineland Hotel and Health Resort

If other variants made you think “Why not opting for the United Arabian Emirates?”, there is an ultimate luxury option for you in Lebanon. Pineland Hotel and Health Resort is a luxury and unique resort in every aspect. Nested in the Lebanon’s mountains, Pineland became one of the most unique resorts not only in Lebanon, but in the Middle East. The 250,000 square meters of pure nature makes it one of the best romantic getaways for couples. Pineland offers you an ultimate escape from the city traffic, noise and routine, to the resort’s villas and caves, where you can enjoy weekend with your loved one. The resort offers a lot of entertainment, including nightclubs, game rooms and karaoke bar. Of course, Pineland offers room service and restaurant, and you can always request a special diet menu.

As you can see, romantic getaways are truly not limited to Europe. In the same time, those three getaways that we’ve mentioned are just the peak of iceberg. Lebanon is a magical country with thousands of romantic getaways for couples that start rolling their eyes when they here ‘Paris’ or ‘Venice’.

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