Eagerly awaited – live sport finally returns


The importance of spectator sports

The current Covid-19 pandemic has seen the cancelling and postponing of national and international sporting events across the world. From football to fencing, tennis to taekwondo, boxing to basketball, no sport has remained unscathed. As well as the massive economic implications, there have been other negative impacts from this lack of sport. Sport makes a massive contribution to the health and wellbeing of the population. And that is not just in terms of those taking part, but also of those spectating. Sporting events provide huge social benefits for individuals and communities. Supporting a team, be it football, basketball or cricket, provides a common connection and a sense of belonging. It gives people something to look forward to; meeting up with friends to go to a match, the subsequent post-match discussion and analysis. 

The uniting influence of sport

Sport is now returning, albeit without the usual supporters and spectators. Social distancing rules still apply and crowds and gatherings are still to be avoided for fear of spreading the virus. But at least fans can watch or read about their team or favourite sport online, via social media, on the television and in the newspaper. The highs and lows of following a team or individual sportsperson are back.

live sports back

People often make reference to the universal language of sport. Granted, it is widely acknowledged that sport unites people across the world. Whether a major international event, such as the Olympics or the football World Cup, or a smaller scale international sports event, sporting competitions bring together people from different cultures, countries, religions and backgrounds. The sports-related shared interest fosters understanding, tolerance and teamwork; another good reason that sport is back! But although sport is a universal language, when it comes to sporting information, documents and reports, professional translation is highly recommended.

Translating the universal language of sport

Press releases, reports, sports-related social media blogs and tweets all need to be quickly and correctly translated so supporters can keep up-to-date. Linguation.com is an online translation agency who can offer high-quality and competitively-priced sports translation with a quick turnaround. The team can offer translation within hours where needed. Moreover, the agency can offer translation of event programmes, sporting websites and other promotional literature to keep spectators informed. As well as the fans, participants and players need to have clear and correct information. Whether information about tournament rules and regulations or event running plans, Linguation.com offers a professional service. Whether American Football, athletics, fencing, Formula 1, weightlifting or wrestling, Linguation.com will assign a translator with an interest and knowledge in the relevant sport to ensure that all-important authentic sports translation.

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