Preparation Strategy to Ace a Scholarship Exam


Scholarships are highly rewarding for a student. Not only do they help financially, but they also boost confidence and instil a sense of purpose among students. Today, there are many scholarship exams available starting right from class 8 to PhD. However, today we will stick to school and talk about the preparation strategy required to ace the scholarship exams.

Scholarship exam

Students with an aim to become either doctors or engineers should consider preparing for scholarship exams. There are some reputed coaching institutes like Aakash that offer scholarship exams for class 10 students through the ANTHE exam. ANTHE has a high level of competition because the majority of engineering and medicine aspirants attempt it.

To get a good score in scholarship exams for class 10 such as ANTHE, students need to follow a thorough strategy that helps them win a scholarship. ANTHE provides up to 100% fee waiver and other rewards to students who score well in the exam.


Students must pay equal attention and importance to the scholarship exam as they would to their final exams or such. Devising a strategy is an important task all students should complete before beginning with their preparation. Remember, time is an asset, not a liability. Planning is essential because students will need to take out time from their school schedule and study for the upcoming scholarship exams for class 10. One more thing to always keep in mind is that students need to formulate a thorough plan and follow it religiously; however, pushing beyond what one can achieve is uncalled.

Focusing on Fundamentals

Scholarship exams for class 10 may not be at the level of JEE, but they are indeed tough. Having a clear and absolute understanding of the fundamentals of all subjects across class 10 is necessary. When students have their basics clear, it becomes easier for them to solve practical questions. Students appearing for ANTHE should take this into account and work on their fundamentals as much as they can. NCERT books are an excellent source if anyone wants to work on his or her fundamentals and grasp a topic thoroughly.

Solving Previous Year Papers

A proven way to prepare for any competitive exam including scholarship exam is to solve previous year papers. By solving previous year papers of the exam, students understand the questions in a much definitive way. It is highly insightful for students as it acquaints them with the topics thoroughly. Students get to know the intricacies of the exam including the examination pattern, level of difficulty and much more. Most toppers believe that solving previous year papers helps in strengthening their preparation.

Paying Attention to Areas That Need Improvement

The difference between toppers and average scorers is that toppers work on every aspect of their preparation. They give undivided attention to the areas that are not up to their mark, preparation-wise. Identifying weak areas and working on them simultaneously is another aspect every student should work on, irrespective of the exam.

Keeping Your Mind and Surroundings Organized

When students are in class 10, they already have a lot to study. From the midterm exams to regular unit tests, sports competition and what not! In such a scenario, it becomes critical to keep everything organised – from your mind to your surroundings and schedule. Remember, creating an atmosphere of study will motivate you to do well. Get rid of all the distractions, and it will surely help you in acing the scholarship exam for class 10.

Focusing on Preparation and Not the Scholarship

Most students get overwhelmed when they are preparing for scholarship exams. They will start daydreaming about the rewards, cash prizes and other benefits. However, the important thing is to focus on the preparation and not the scholarship. Instead of the outcome, students should channelize their energy into better preparation. Overthinking in such a situation can backfire and hamper the preparation.

Scholarship exams can be life-changing for students. If a student earns a scholarship, they can study for their engineering or medical dream without any financial liability. It puts a student way ahead of the competition and gives his or her dreams the wings it deserves. It’s necessary to be prepared, as such exams are worth taking a shot at!

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