Protein shakes – how do they help you build weight?


If you are a bodybuilder and you have never heard about protein shakes before, then it is very much likely that you may have been living in the desert or something. Everyone knows that proteins are an essential part of bodybuilding for many reasons. One of them is the fact that your body needs proteins to build muscles which are destroyed by exercising. If proteins you take in are not enough to repair these muscles, you will not get those big muscles you have been dreaming of because your body will not get the raw materials it needs.

Why you may need those proteins for shakes

There are many reasons, if we just dwell on the fact that you need proteins for your body to be able to repair damaged tissues, you might say something like “but I can get proteins from my diet”. Well, that is very true indeed, but you may still need supplements for some other reasons. First off, most foods which contain proteins also contain other diet and possible chemicals like phytoestrogens that can limit the amount of diet you consume. For example, unskimmed milk has a high amount of fats. Now, if you want to lose weight and gain some muscle, and you are not on a keto diet, you will be limited by the amount of cheese you can eat because of the high amount of fats in it. Also, what if you do not like milk at all? The same limitations apply to other food items because they are not purely protein and you will have to be careful when taking it. Some plants rich in protein may contain some compounds called phytoestrogens which act like estrogen and cause men to start having feminine characteristics like boobs. You do not want that do you? So, because of these kinds of issues when it comes to dieting, you are really limited to the number of proteins you can take. Taking protein supplements like whey proteins or casein from milk or protein powders extracted from plants can help you boost your proteins to normal requirements while reducing your intake of other unwanted nutrients. You need about 2.2g of protein per kg of your weight every day. It is possible to get all the proteins in your diet, but protein supplements make it much easier to reach your daily protein requirements. We would advise that you combine protein supplements with high protein in your diets for the best result.

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What are the best tasting proteins for shakes?

Protein supplements have to taste good no doubt. One reason why many people do not stick to conventional weight loss diet is that their food options are just terrible when it comes to taste. Plus, it leaves people hungry. So, people just give up after a while. The same goes for protein shakes. If it does not taste nice, people may not want to buy it. We are going to give you some of the best-tasting proteins for shakes.

  1. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder: Whey powder is generally very delicious, however, what makes this one stand out on our list is the fact that it has more than 20 different flavors to pick from like chocolate, vanilla, and many others. Well, it is not 100% whey protein powder technically because we assume the chocolate and vanilla flavors have to be added to the powder. However, if you want a powder that tastes good in shakes, this is one you should try.
  2. Pure Protein Natural Whey Protein Powder: If you do not like any artificial chemicals, you may want to try this one out. It is made of natural ingredients and tastes very good in yogurts and banana smoothies. All you need to do is to put it in the blender with the bananas or yogurts and blend it in and you are ready to go.
  3. Vega Sports Performance Protein Powder: If you are vegan, you may not want to eat whey powder or casein protein because they come from cows and you do not do that stuff. We have you covered anyway. Vega sports performance protein powder comes from plants and is great tasting with about four different flavors which are vanilla, mocha, chocolate, and It is a blend of pumpkin, pea, alfalfa, and organic sunflower seed.
  4. PURE Whey Protein Powder by SFH: this powder has an excellent balance in quality, effectiveness, and It is just the right type of delicious without being too sweet or having any aftertaste. It also comes in great flavors like churro, candy cane, chocolate, vanilla and tropical. The producers also try their best to make sure the source of the proteins (the cows) are non-GMO and are in good conditions before milking them.

Now that you have a list of some of the best tasting proteins for protein shakes in here, you can go all out and experiment with some of these protein powders. The results might surprise you.

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