Travelling to Europe alone on a budget? A travel loan can help


It is said that Europe is not a destination but an experience.

Home to some of the most prominent and captivating monuments and UNESCO world heritage sites, every bit of Europe stands tall as a trying testimony of its glorious and disconcerted past. This charming continent is also known for its delicious cuisine, so if you’re a food lover, this place is even more enticing.  All this makes it one of the most coveted places to visit for every traveler.

solivagant wandering alone

Now, travelling with family and friends or a partner is fun, no doubt. However, travelling solo is an experience in itself.

You may wonder why anyone would want to travel solo. Honestly, travelling solo is one thing you should do, no matter where you choose to go.

It is one of the best ways to explore any place. Travelling solo not only gives you time to see the place at your pace but also enriches you on a personal level. There are endless advantages to travelling solo. You can choose the destination of your choice, without having to consult anyone or compromise. You set the budget, the dates, and the itinerary. On the trip, you have the luxury of pursuing anything that catches your eye, be it a piece of art, a side trail, or any adventure.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Before you go, do a thorough research on the best solo destinations and decide one of your likings. Make sure you are well versed with the place before you go. Read on the internet, read blogs of travelers and carry guide books of the place. Study about the local travel, stay, food and other necessary things before you embark on your journey. Select a solo traveler friendly accommodation, preferably a hostel. You will find many solo backpackers in a hostel who can help you with insights into the place or you may even get a companion for the rest of your trip.

Travel light, and avoid carrying any valuables, so you waste little time worrying about your bag’s safety. Always carry a pepper spray as a precautionary measure. Carry good books or music for your journey.

As a solo traveler, try and use public transport or shared taxis locally, whenever possible. This will not only ensure your safety but also makes it easier to bond with locals or fellow travelers. Who knows, you might get a travel buddy and get to create some great memories of your trip together. Also try and take up some group activities, which will give you a better chance to interact with others.

While you go solo backpacking, it is very important to take care of your safety. Always keep your family members in the loop about your daily itinerary and call them regularly informing them about your whereabouts.

Solo travelling is an exciting experience which helps you grow as a person. And while you are out to gain this amazing insight in life, it is also important to manage the finances of the trip. Want to take up this exciting adventure but don’t know how to manage the expenses? Or does the idea of blowing up a chunk of your savings at one time dampen your holiday spirits?

Travel loan is the answer to all your financial woes. A travel loan is a personal loan for travel purposes which you can take from an NBFC like Tata Capital. It is easy on your pocket as it helps you to pay for your holiday now and pay the loan off later. Through the loan, you will not feel the pinch of spending a big amount of money at one time during the trip.

The travel loan application process is very simple and easy. They are quickly processed and sanctioned in less than 72 hours.

Travel loans are disbursed by financial institutions like Tata Capital and are very affordable with competitive interest rates. Research on your travel or personal loan interest rates, to get an idea of how much your loan is going to cost you. You can pay the loan off in easy and convenient monthly installments.

Now with your monetary woes fixed, you can feel free to plan your solo backpacking adventure to the fullest. Europe offers you some excellent destinations to visit. It is one of the safest continents for solo travel. Its  beautiful old world charm, cities and countryside, attract a host of solo travelers from across the world. Here is a list of the best places in Europe:



The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen is one of the most charming cities in Europe. The city has a distinctly European feel to it with its laidback attitude, charming café culture, friendly locals and beautiful architectural marvels. With economical hostel accommodation and quaint cafes selling tasty food at reasonable prices, Copenhagen is a backpacker’s dream.



For centuries, Paris has attracted artists, travelers, philosophers, photographers and writers alike. If romance was a tangible thing, Paris seems to have been built with it. Exploring Paris is the ultimate journey into stunning architecture, culinary delights, world-class museums, hidden gems, and fine cafes. You can do interesting things like visit the Louvre, picnic at the Eiffel Tower, wander at the parks, visit the stunning art galleries or just feast on local delights at the cafes. However, the city is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Your travel loan can help you visit all the places you would want to see. So make a list and consider the cost of visiting those places, while availing a travel loan.



Istanbul is an enigma, a magical place where the West and the East meet. It is the melting pot of cultures as it merges Europe and Asian continents. Known for its beautiful mosques and buzzing bazaars, ancient architecture and museums and delicious cuisine, friendly locals and electric atmosphere, Istanbul is truly a backpacker’s dream. With good hostels providing reasonable accommodation, it is light on the pocket too. Also, let your travel loan help you with your expenses, while you enjoy the beauty of the historic city.



Known as ‘The City of Thousand Spires’, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. With a history that dates to more than 1500 years, Prague boasts of lovely domed churches, teeming tall towers and statuesque Gothic and Renaissance architectural marvels. Walk through the narrow cobbled streets, marvel at the beautiful synagogues in the Jewish Quarter and the artistic churches. And watch the night lights at Wenceslas Square.

A trip to Europe is dream come true for a solo backpacker. Though a backpacking trip runs on a tight budget, a trip to Europe is very expensive. That is when a travel loan will be useful, in giving you a hassle-free holiday experience, without having to worry about your expenses. Don’t let the financial pressures dampen your spirit. Equip yourself with the travel loan and set off to explore the charm of Europe.

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