What Is Indian E-Visa – Steps To Apply For One


E-visa or electronic visa is generally issued to foreign nationals. It enables one to enter a country and stay for a specific time period. It is mandatory for all those who are going to a different country to stay there for a temporary period of time. First time applicants need to get proper knowledge about this visa, requirements and process of application.

What is electronic visa?

In an e-visa, all the personal detail of a person is stored in electronic format. The authority that issues electronic visa, will send an electronic copy of the same to the registered email id of the applicant. E-visa is mostly issued for the objective of temporary stay in abroad.

e-visa in india

What is the procedure to apply for e-visa?

To apply for an electronic visa is a hassle free and simple process. The first and foremost step to get an e-visa is to visit an embassy for a visa interview. At the time of the interview, you need to carry a passport which is valid for a minimum for six months from the time of application.

Another process to apply for an e-visa is to visit the website of an official embassy of a particular country. When you submit an e- application form and make required payment, you will get a verification message on your email address as provided to them. This message will verify your email id. Once it is verified, the concerned authority will send an e-visa on your verified email address. Visa-india.net is an authorized place to apply for e-visa.

Can I change the information in e-visa after it has been issued?

Once you get an e-visa issued to you, you can change the information mentioned on it. It is advisable to fill in the correct details at the time of its application. This will save you from unnecessary hassles of modifying the details later.

Is there any eligibility criteria to get an E-visa?

  • E-visa is issued to only those travelers who plan to visit a country to visit their friends and relatives, engage in recreational activities, get a medical treatment done or take a short-term business visit.
  • Applicant’s passport should have atleast 6 months validity calculating from the time of visa application. It should also have atleast 2 blank pages left for stamping by an Immigration Officer.
  • Applicants need to have return tickets to return back to their home country after staying at a destination for specified time duration
  • Infants and children should have separate passports and e-visas

What documents do you need to present at the time of arrival?

These are following documents that an immigration authority could ask to produce at time of arrival.

  • Passport size photos
  • Printed copy of e-visa
  • Passport (with a minimum validity period of six months)
  • Invitation letter (optional)
  • Medical insurance for the entire period of stay.


An electronic visa is a must requirement that permits you to travel a stay in a different country. All this information would help you successfully obtain visa.

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