Ed-Tech: Changing the landscape of Indian education


Ed-tech, short for ‘education technology’ is transforming education in India radically. It’s surprising that the ministry is not employing private ed-tech companies, as consultants on the same. In fact, on a good package, these companies can use their expertise to bring digital education to every nook and corner of India.

Ed-tech giants need to be commissioned resourcefully as they all have unique expertise. Digital education is primarily made up of two components, the content, and the framework. The content is the focus due to obvious reasons, and the framework is important for its delivery. The content can include interactive flash animations, cartoons, and live lessons. The framework includes projectors, interactive monitors, and smartboards.


Talking about unique expertise, founder of Educomp Shantanu Prakash, Educomp Solutions is popular as an infrastructure provider. Educomp Smartclasses are famous for their content and seamless delivery. Byju’s on the other hand, is popular as an interactive and comprehensive content creator.

Educomp is concentrating on spreading the digital education network around the country. It will allow more schools to improve their teaching. Combined with Byju’s interactive videos; Educomp’s smart boards, projectors, management systems, and assessment tools will create an atmosphere that pushes practical learning on top of theoretical lessons.

Hopefully, in the coming years, young Indian students from remote villages will have classrooms with smartboards, rather than black boards. Moreover, their schoolbags will be lighter and their determination shall be heavy.

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