How to build your YouTube channel through strategic commenting


I know that this is quite a bit of a controversial topic because a lot of people have all sorts of unrealistic ideas regarding commenting on YouTube. Let me burst your bubble before things get any worse. If you are reading this article with the pre-conceived idea that if you just copy and pasted the same comment over and over again and blasted that to many different YouTube videos and you will get traffic, you’re wasting your time.

Forget about it! That doesn’t work. Now, listen to me. There is a method that does work. It takes a little bit more effort. But it will work. Here’s what you do.

Grow Youtube Channel
Grow Youtube Channel

First, you focus on the niche that you are interested in and look for the most popular videos in that niche. I’m sure you’re already doing this. But I just wanted to spell out the obvious. Once you find them, look at the top comments and pay attention to the video.

The next step is to find videos that are similar to those videos but don’t have those hot comments. Now, just copy the comments with your own twist and try to add some text that would get people to want to click your user account so they can end up at your channel.

You’re not going to master this overnight. But with enough practice, you will be able to pull traffic through strategic reverse engineered comments. It took me years to figure this out. But believe me, it’s worth the time and effort.

Now, I know you’re excited. You’re probably thinking of just getting a massive list of competing channels and reverse engineering their comments. You’re probably looking to spider a lot of related videos that get less traffic so you can expand your reach.

You’re definitely on the right road as long as you don’t copy and paste. But there’s a missing component here. The missing ingredient is social proof. Please understand that the comment marketing tactic that I described above works. But here’s the problem.

Just because you can pull traffic to your channel doesn’t mean that that channel will stick. If your videos suck or if your videos do not have social proof, that traffic that you worked so hard to generate will just melt away. Pretty sad, right?

You don’t want that to happen. So I suggest that you not only reverse engineer the content of your videos, but you also invest in social proof. This means buying YouTube views from BuzzVoice. So when people go to your video and they see that you have 10,000 views already, they feel more at ease.

They don’t become suspicious. They don’t think that since your video only has 10 views that it’s not worth their time. They’re more likely to stick around and this can have a snowball effect especially if they start engaging with your video by liking it, giving it a thumbs up, posting a comment or even sharing it.

I hope you understand how this works. It all starts with strategic commenting. But it doesn’t end there.


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