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This season is the first time in many years that we are pleased with the real competition for the title in the Italian Championship. “Inter” which was led by Antonio Conte in the summer, tries to challenge “Juventus” over a long distance.

However, the “old lady” is still an obvious favorite, which proves it regularly on the football field. This summer, “Bianco Neri” also managed to strengthen themselves by signing Rabiot, Ramsey, De Ligt and a number of other players.

1xbet Betting
1xbet Betting

It’s noteworthy that almost all the newcomers managed to become important players in Sarri’s team building quite quickly. Choose 1xBet betting and you will be able to make predictions on the confrontation at any time of the day.

A confident start in Series A is another proof that “Juventus” is in great shape and is definitely not going to give up its title. Among the strengths of the team we can highlight:

  1. Nice selection of players on any of the positions. This allows for rotation and periodic rest for age leaders.
  2. Individual skill of the leaders who are able to decide the fate of the meeting in favor of “Juventus”.
  3. The chemistry of the team, which in a relatively short period of time has managed to become a close-knit team.

Even through 1xbet – betting APP you will be able to make predictions for every match of the team. The updated “Juventus” has no problems with motivation, which is what the team proves on the pitch. This can be important in the context of a long-distance fight.

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Face-to-face victories over “Inter” and “Napoli” once again prove that “Juventus” has serious ambitions to once again win gold medals in the national championship. All you need to do to monitor the team’s success is to open all games livescore

There is still an impressive part of the rich distance ahead, but even a parallel performance in the Champions League should not seriously affect the results of the “old lady”. Ronaldo and the company are quite confident about the long distance. If the team does not slow down, it will allow it to be back in the first place after the championship.

Open all games livescore, to see how “Juventus” and the team’s direct competitors, who are trying to impose a fight for the national championship gold medals, are progressing.

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