BBCL: Opening Ceremony Budget Skyrocketing


The Big Bash Cricket League is around the corner, and no wonder Australian cricket fans are so excited about it. The tickets for the upcoming match fixtures are already going out of the sale, and the BBCL administration has done its best to make the opening ceremony a grand one. Singers, musicians, and rap stars are on the mega-list of performers for the Big Bash Cricket League opening ceremony. The Melbourne Cricket Grounds (MCG) and the Sydney Cricket Grounds (SCG), which has seen more international games played by any other country in the world, are the probable venues for the BBCL opening ceremony. The International Cricket Council is very stern about betting scams this year. It is already keeping a close observation on essential betting sites, which even offer Big Bash betting tips for fans who want to bet on the BBCL match fixtures. Since match-fixing is a regular occurrence in these league games, the cricketing council is monitoring any wrongdoing leading to the loss of integrity of the game. The franchises are already warned about the consequences of involvement in any match-fixing scandals.

Big Bash Cricket League
Big Bash Cricket League

Prediction sites and websites who are giving Big Bash betting tips are being monitored by BBCL administration, who is not giving any opportunity to wrongdoers. BBCL was ruling the world stage of cricket premier leagues until the evolution of IPL in 2010. The Indian Premier League gave BBCL a run for their money after players signed off their teams to play for Indian franchises in IPL seasons. However, the BBCL administration is leaving no stones unturned to compete with IPL’s massive following. Players across the globe have signed up for the auctions and franchises of the respective teams. A couple of big names can be seen in the BBCL sponsorship lists.

The BBCL has upped its opening ceremony budgets by a double of what it spent in the last two seasons. This move comes after the IPL administration, closely monitored by the Bureau of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) announced that there would be no IPL opening ceremony this year. After the announcement, Big Bash Cricket League officials took to the preparations of its ceremony with grandeur. They are hopeful that this year can be an excellent opportunity for some lost ground.

However, BBCL authorities are hopeful about the success of the event, which is set to begin by the fall of December this year.

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