Ethx ICO Review & Rating – Best ICO to invest in 2018

279 ICO Review, Ratings: Ethx, the former Indian cryptocurrency exchange is now moving as, a global cryptocurrency exchange for mass adaption. The best thing about Ethx exchange is, one can buy and sell Crypto for FIAT all over the world. The exchange is set to launch on 1st August 2018. also releasing a utility token named Ethx which can be used to pay trading fees, withdrawal fees in like Binance Coin in Binance. The company launched the around a year in India and got a good response in return from their beta user. The new comes with a different language, awesome customer support and supports more crypto than before.

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How is Ethx different from Other ICO and Cryptocurrency?

Not like other Crypto, Ethx is working on these products,

  • Global Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Enterprise Solution
  • Ethx Datablock
  • Ethx Ninja
  • Merchant Service
  • cPoS

Ethx ICO Review

Ethx Global Cryptocurrency Exchange

There is a strong need for a global cryptocurrency to fat exchange which is serviceable
in the maximum number of countries around the globe. is essentially already doing that in India and we are working on adding new countries every day to our testing
platform. We want to bring in ease in the minds of the users who are utilizing cryptocurrency to be able to use as means of exchange and trade, rather than just looking at a cumbersome investment asset.
  • A global exchange which puts the mind of the users at ease.
  • A simple and intuitive interface.
  • A convenient way for users to buy and sell cryptocurrency via credit/debit cards.
  • Multi-currency crypto-to-fat support

Enterprise Solution Ethx

They are working on scalable and secure turn-key solutions for small to large enterprises, saving them weeks of time in research and tens of thousands of dollars in deployment.

Ethx Datablock

Ethx is working on a new revolution, the way companies can use and store data in blockchain with a click of a button. This is going to be a most advanced project that can change the world and can bring big changes in many fields.

There are several advantages of using Ethx DataBlock
1. Improved speed(up to 60%)
2. True High Availability Model
3. Distributed Computing
4. Horizontal and Vertical Scaling
5. Pay as per usage request from each node
6. Automated backups
7. N+5 redundancies
8. DDOS protection due to distributed computing.
9. Developers would be able to build and sell their apps on the network.

Ethx Ninja

Ethx Ninja is a security suite for enterprises that would enable them to fnd and fx security vulnerabilities on their websites and applications. This would be a plug-and-play platform agnostic solution, which would be able to report  vulnerabilities across infrastructure, web, and apps.

To sum up

  • Will scale horizontally after the consumer ecosystem is sound.
  • A quick and easy way for enterprises to host their data in the blockchain.
  • A decentralized computing platform.
  • Enterprise security suite.

Merchant Services

As the sole idea behind is to make blockchain accessible to the masses, post providing them with an easy storage/wallet for their cryptocurrency and a platform wherein
they can easily convert, sell and buy various virtual currencies. We move now onto merchant services.

Users would be conveniently able to pay with their favorite cryptocurrencies for goods
and services by scanning a QR code and with a click of a button. With our proprietary technology, users would be able to pay with cryptocurrencies even without an internet connection.

Sellers would be able to withdraw funds in the choice of their currency(crypto or fat).

To sum up

  • An easy interface for users to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrency, in
    real time.
  • 3 Step process of merchant on-boarding on to the platform and for them to be
    able to start accepting payments in cryptocurrency.
  • Sellers can choose to withdraw the virtual currencies as fat and get funds in their
    bank account within a few hours.
  • With low fees of 0.5% – on successful transactions- it becomes a more economical, safer and fast means for merchants, to access their funds.

Ethx cPoS

They are also working on a Crypto Point of Sale System(cPOS) which would ensure that sellers are easily able to accept payments using cryptocurrency.

This phase would include a hardware and a card. The card would be used by users to convert their crypto into fat (if legal in the said country) or pay directly from their crypto as
sets for goods and services.

To ensure complete transparency, all the transactions on ethx would be recorded in a
publicly accessible blockchain. This shall serve as a common blockchain(one-blockchain)
for all currencies.

To sum up:

  • A hardware solution to support our merchants.
  • A card for the end users to pay easily using cryptocurrency.
  • Recording all transactions of ethx on the blockchain

Ethx Roadmap

Ethx Roadmap

Some of the key dates are,

  • 15th June 2018 – Launch of Global Crypto-currency Wallet
  • 28th to 30th June 2018 – Whitelisting for Pre-ICO
  • 1st to 7th July 2018 – Pre-ICO sale
  • 1st August 201 – Launch of Ethx Global Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • 15th August 2018 – Launch of Ethx Datablock and Ethx Ninja
  • October 2018 – Launch of Merchant Services
  • January 2019 – Launch of cPoS

Ethx ICO Review

For Initial Coin Offering (ICO), the base price of Ethx coin is as follows,

1 Ethx = 0.0005 ETH (OR)  1 ETH = 2000 ETHX

Hard cap = 20,000 ETH

The best things about Ethx ICO are,

  • It is an ERC20 token which can be stored in MyEtherwallet
  • Total Supply is 100 Million
  • It can be used as trade fees and withdrawal fees
  • Payments for goods and services post the launch of merchant services.
  • Post the second quarter 25% of their own profit would be used to buy back Ethx tokens from the market and destroy up until the supply is at 50%. This coin burning would be done until 50 Million tokens are burnt and would ensure fair economics.

Ethx Mobile App

Ethx also launching the mobile app version of for Android, iPhone.

What will be the Future of Ethx Coin?

We all know about Binance coin and how great it surged in the short time. The Binance was launched in 2017 mid and BNB coin price at the time was around $0.10 per coin. BNB reached around $20+ during January and gave a huge return to their early investors.

Now is the chance to grab the opportunity for those who missed BNB train last year. Ethx ICO is being sold for $0.23 per coin. Ethx has a global crypto exchange like Binance, infact greater than Binance as Ethx allows both FIAT to Crypto and Crypto to Crypto trading. Other than that, they have their own products and service like Ethx Datablock, Ethx Ninja, Merchant Service, cPoS. There is no doubt this is one of the best ICO to invest for a long run for anyone looking for good return.

How to get Ethx ICO Airdrop for free?

One can make up to 7000 Ethx coin using their Signup bonus and referral program and badges,

  • For every signup, Ethx offers 10 Ethx coins for free
  • They offer Badge for every activity in their website like Follow on Twitter and claim 1 Ethx, Follow on Facebook claim 1 Ethx, Refer 100 People and claim Rockstar badge which helps you get 200 Ethx, Hold $1000 worth of asset in and claim wolf of wallstreet badge which gives 50 Ethx.
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If you have any questions, do comment below and we will try our best to help you out. Without any doubt, this is one of the best ICO in the recent days with actual products behind. Think twice and act fast as Ethx ICO is only available till this month end and the exchange will be launched on 1st August.

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