Ankur Agarwal on Email Marketing essentials to get Investors for ICO


When it comes to Email Marketing, why don’t learn from someone who already knows it? Our team had a conversation with Ankur Agarwal, ICO Investor, and Marketing Consultant. We discussed some essential strategies on attracting Multimillionaire investors just like him and got some valuable information to share with our readers. Let’s dive right into it.

Crypto Currency Market is at hike which is attracting millions of businessmen and investors to invest and gain profit. The worth of Bitcoin today has been reached to $ 6, 437 USD now profiting the cryptocurrency exchange. One of the most significant trends in Crypto market is Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which offers the investor to have a cryptocurrency exchange with their investments.

Four essential steps to get investors for ICO by Email Marketing

  1. Developing a Database of Potential Investors in Crypto-Currency

You need to have a subscription form on your landing page of the crypto-currency website. That will help you to retrieve the leads on possible interested ICO participants. Collecting and securing such contacts to your database is a primary essential for email marketing. It is important to develop a long-term relationship with potential investors. You are supposed to make them expect your email by creating an engaging content related to cryptocurrency market.  Once they develop a ‘subscriber’ based relationship with you, you need to find the high time to start offering your proposal.

Email marketing ICO2. Creating categories and segments out of your Investor database

Cryptocurrency is surely a global phenomenon but apparently, you need different languages to communicate with them. Dividing segments for the investor list on basis of their languages could be done in various ways. You can make an interface on your website which enables the user to choose info about their country while filling the subscription form. The custom-made language based sign-up form for subscribers is also a great solution. You need to send the emails in different languages your potential investor understands.

3. Introducing the concept of ICO to new investors

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency or itself the concept of ICO might be complex for new investors. It could repeal the new investors very easily if they cannot foresee the profits in it. You need to develop the landing page explaining the project as an introductory tone so everyone can follow. You need to configure an automated-email system to keep introducing the new concepts or updates about cryptocurrency market and ICO as well. The content in emails should be focusing to encourage these new customers to invest in ICO.

See, Email Marketing is a kind of art which you need to master if you want success in any field. We highly recommend you to go through the “E-Mail Profits Decoded” by Ankur Agarwal. You can get the ebook free from his website.

4. Keep them Posted with updates

Maintaining consistency with email marketing by developing a series of information is very an essential trick. You required to keep them in the loop with constant updates about the cryptocurrency market. Most importantly, it should be about ICO and everything about it through the course of a long time. Emails should be about token distribution scheme, ICO dates, technology developments and more. The reoccurring emails will encourage investors for ICO.  Some start-ups are doing really innovative and persuasive work with their emails. They offer their various products through landing page and emails and share information crucial for the investors. They follow the investors with hooking them up with content about phishing attacks and scams. At end of it, they creatively add links offering investors to connect to their CEO directly to know more.

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