What is a Papadia?


It’s time to celebrate when a new menu item is created that is every bit as good as the legendary pizza. That is the case with the Papadia, part sandwich, part pizza, and every bite satisfying. It’s a flat-bread style sandwich made from original fresh dough that comes out of the oven with the cheese melted into the other ingredients. Just as with pizzas, the Papadias are a solid option for food delivery near me. Fast delivery means the food gets to you still warm from the oven. With  Papadias, you get to choose the flavors that you love best. The grilled buffalo chicken Papadia is loaded with chicken, onions, a 3-cheese blend and sauces. The Italian comes with Alfredo sauce, Italian sausage, cheese, peppers and a pizza dipping sauce. Other flavors include BBQ chicken bacon and Philly cheesesteak.


Why the Papadia Is a Great Cheap Lunch Option When You’re on a Budget

Sometimes you are looking for a filling meal at a low price. After all, you have other things to spend your money on. The Papadia clicks all the boxes when it comes to getting a cheap lunch near me for you and your family or friends. The advantages of a Papadia meal are many:

  • A wide choice of options
  • An excellent mix of ingredients
  • A hearty meal to get you all through the day
  • A portion size that satisfies all hungers
  • A hot meal with no trouble
  • A super price

You can pair this versatile sandwich with cold beverages and sweet desserts such as cinnamon pull aparts, chocolate chip cookies or the ultimate in decadence: the double chocolate chip brownie. When you order, it pays to look for deals and specials that keep the price down. Promo codes, Papa Rewards, discounts and more can shave several dollars off your next meal. Another good strategy is to order extra and then warm up what remains for a tasty lunch the next day.

Why You Should Try Papa John’s Pizza Sandwich

It can be hard to break out of a rut, even a good one one like always ordering your favorite pizza. A Papadia, though, is a menu option worth trying out, as it is built from the same quality ingredients that go into a superior pizza: fresh dough, healthy vegetables, real meats and cheeses and savory sauces. As you bite into that warm dough and melted cheese and taste the tender meats you might soon find you have a new favorite. Soon you will be calling for pizza sandwich delivery whenever the mood strikes. As habits go, it’s not a bad one to get into. You could also alternate between pizza and Papadia every time you go out, or you could order a little or a lot of both and share with your friends and family. You never know what you are missing until you try it out, and you can always feel confident the price is right.

Order a Papadia today and experience old flavors in a new way. Get carryout or delivery and enjoy a hearty meal while saving money.

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